10 Best Maintenance Management Software Programs in 2018

Find the best maintenance management software for your small business by reading customer ratings and FAQs for the best maintenance software solutions.

5 min read • Last updated on December 11th, 2018

Maintenance management software is used in a number of different industries to record maintenance activities on equipment and scheduled service appointments. Software helps to automate the process of keeping up with maintenance schedules by sending reminders and optimizing repair times.

Best Maintenance Management Software:


Average Customer Review.

Minimum Price

Net Facilities


$2500.00 /yr.

Maintenance Pro


$29.00 /mo.

Manager Plus


$33.00 /mo.

Hippo CMMS


45.00 /mo.



$35.00 /mo.



$99.00 /mo.

Direct Line


Quote only.



$25.00 /mo.



Quote only.

Asset Essentials


$2,500.00 /yr.

Maintenance Management Software FAQs:

What is the price range for maintenance management software?

Maintenance management software can range in price from $35.00 to $150.00 per user per month. This excludes pay-per-license models, which can range from $500.00 to $8,000.00

Where can I find free fleet maintenance software?

There are several free options for fleet maintenance software. Some of the best free solutions are FleetVIP, Odoo Fleet Management and Open GTS.

Maintenance Software Programs
Best Maintenance Software Programs:
  • Net Facilities.
  • Maintenance Pro.
  • Manager Plus.
  • Hippo CMMS.
  • Fiix.
  • mHelpDesk.
  • Direct Line.
  • Upkeep.

What is the advantage of choosing a cloud maintenance software solution?

Cloud-based programs can be accessed from anywhere with nothing more than an internet connection. This versatility makes it easy to access your maintenance software on-the-go from a mobile device. This feature is particularly useful to businesses that use maintenance job tracking software for on-site repairs.

What is grounds maintenance software?

Grounds maintenance software is a type of maintenance software that has features for maintaining the grounds of a property or multiple properties. The software can record things like lawn care and schedule future jobs. Property maintenance management software is a similar solution that is often used by landlords.

Free Maintenance Management Software
Free Maintenance Management Software:
  • Fiix.
  • CalemEAM.
  • Comma CMMS.
  • openMAINT.
  • Maintenance Care.
  • ApacheOfBiz.
  • Norfello CMMS.
  • CWorks Basic.

Can I get push notifications to my phone with maintenance scheduling software?

Mobile CMMS and Fix CMMS, as well as other platforms, can send push notifications through their mobile apps to your phone. This feature is a major benefit of planned maintenance software because it can help you remember appointments as they come up.

What is maintenance software for manufacturing?

Maintenance software for manufacturing is used in industrial facilities to keep up-to-date records of maintenance schedules for every piece of machinery. Because manufacturing companies rely so heavily on machinery, keeping equipment in optimal condition is critical to their success.

What is asset maintenance software?

Asset maintenance software is designed to track the use and repair of business assets. These assets could include computers, industrial machinery in a factory, tools and vehicles. An asset maintenance program for business computers is sometimes referred to as a computer maintenance management system.