Learn about EasyClocking time and attendance software for small businesses. Includes pricing, company info, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on March 27th, 2019

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EasyClocking is a time and attendance software solution for businesses in all industries. The platform allows employers to track employee time using a wide range of time clocks, and conduct payroll and reporting.

EasyClocking Pricing:

EasyClocking costs $15.00 per month per employee, according to SMB Guide research.

EasyClocking Review:

Pros: Easy to use, multiple options to track time, good customer support.

Cons: Dated interface, software occasionally slow.

Bottomline: A simple and affordable solution for time tracking and payroll processing.

EasyClocking Key Information:


Marco Quintero




Miramar, Florida


Marco Quintero and Sino Jos

Number of Employees

51-200 employees

Phone Number

1 (305) 900-6913


3141 Commerce Parkway, Miramar, Florida 33025



EasyClocking FAQs:

Does EasyClocking integrate with other software solutions?

Yes. EasyClocking integrates with Quickbooks, ADP, Paychex, and Sage.

How can I get in touch with EasyClocking customer service?

You can reach EasyClocking customer support by calling 1 (888) 783-1493 or by submitting a support ticket online.

What are some EasyClocking alternatives?

EasyClocking Reviews:



zieziegabor - reddit.com

We use EasyClocking now, the devices are android-based, a bit wonky, but users like them when they work, and their tech dept is a bit slow, but they have an API that's up about 85% of the time, which is good enough for us. We don't even use their software, we use our own internal software and just leech data off of their API. Overall I don't really recommend easyclocking, but in our experience we haven't managed to find anyone sane in the timeclock market, so we stay with easyclocking as they seem the least bad.

di6it - reddit.com

We use easyclocking and host t internally is pretty slick and the price isn't crazy

swollenlovepony - reddit.com

We've been using EasyClocking for about a year. It's affordable and easy to set up and support has been good.