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Compare by Lightspeed to Square and Clover. Learn about rates, features, customer feedback, and see our full review.

Updated on March 17th, 2022

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ShopKeep by Lightspeed is a cloud-based, iPad point of sale (POS) system used by more than 150,000 businesses. ShopKeep by Lightspeed's customers are mostly retail shops and food and beverage outlets in the United States and Canada.

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Square Point of Sale

Easy to Set Up and Use

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Used by more than 2 million businesses.

Robust reporting.

Custom invoices.

Retail POS Pricing:


Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing



$119.00 /mo.



$169.00 /mo.



$249.00 /mo.


Contact for quote.

Contact for quote.

iPad Hardware Kit

Contact for quote.

Contact for quote.

*Those that use Lightspeed Payments for purchases from the site receive a discount on all plans.

Restaurant POS Pricing:


Monthly Pricing








Contact for quote.

iPad Hardware Kit

Contact for quote.

*Those that use Lightspeed Payments for purchases from the site receive a discount on all plans.


ShopKeep by Lightspeed's POS software is user-friendly, well-designed, and packed with great features. Owned by Lightspeed, the software covers payments, employee and inventory management, analytics, basic marketing, and eCommerce.

The company's custom-build approach helps ensure that a business gets precisely what it needs out of the POS and no more.


ShopKeep by Lightspeed offers its own payment processing product, ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed, and does not tie you into using it. Customers are given the option to stay with their current payment processing providers.

The inventory management features that ShopKeep by Lightspeed offers is advanced and very useful with open pricing, weighted average cost, bulk item management, modifiers, and item variation built into the software. Its competitor POS, Square, offers only basic inventory management features, with more advanced ones coming at an extra cost.

Square offers mobile access to one's POS, but ShopKeep by Lightspeed's Pocket App is a separate app dedicated to bringing real-time analytics, reporting, and management tools onto one's phone. They also offer separate dashboards for marketing and analytics, which contributes to the platform's ease-of-use factor.

Thanks to its partnership with Lightspeed, ShopKeep by Lightspeed offers a myriad of integrations for both its retail and restaurant POS systems, categories by eCommerce, payroll, communication, reservation, scheduling, and more.

Other advanced tools include kitchen-facing displays, hardware kits, loyalty programs, and a golf POS system for businesses that manage golf courses. The company also offers a free trial on all its POS systems.


It is understandable that a customized approach to POS software helps ensure that the specific needs of a particular business are met without any unnecessary features. In theory, this should lead to more cost-effective systems, but with ShopKeep by Lightspeed, it is hard to tell when you consider that they charge extra for things like phone support and gift cards.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed charges a termination fee, while Square does not. ShopKeep by Lightspeed's hardware kits are priced on a quote-only basis, which makes it difficult to gauge its affordability. Clover's pricing, on the other hand, includes hardware kits.


ShopKeep by Lightspeed is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a rating of A+. However, there are over 60 complaints filed against the company. There are 2 for advertising and sales, 13 for billing and collections, 1 for delivery, 1 for warranties and guarantees, and 46 for problems with a product or service. In the past, more than 17 complaints have been resolved.

Customer reviews tend to be mostly positive and review sites give on average between 4 and 5-star reviews for ShopKeep by Lightspeed.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed vs. Square
ShopKeep by Lightspeed vs. Square:

ShopKeep by Lightspeed's monthly pricing for its Retail and Restaurant POS start from $129.00 and $39.00 respectively, while Square's Retail and Restaurant POS each cost $60.00 per month. Square charges 2.6% + $0.10 for tap, dip, or swipe transactions and 2.9% + $0.30 for online ones.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed vs. Square Comparison:


ShopKeep by Lightspeed


Basic POS



Retail POS

From $129.00 /mo.

$60.00 /mo.

Restaurant POS

From $39.00 /mo.

$60.00 /mo.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed vs. Clover
ShopKeep by Lightspeed vs. Clover:

ShopKeep by Lightspeed is more affordable than Clover, which charges $749.00 + $9.95 for its Retail starter plan. It does include a hardware kit, which ShopKeep by Lightspeed sells as a separate product. Both offer reporting tools, but users benefit from a dedicated account manager with ShopKeep by Lightspeed.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed vs. Clover Comparison:


ShopKeep by Lightspeed


Retail POS

From $129.00 /mo.

From $69.00/mo.

Restaurant POS

From $39.00 /mo.

$59.00 /mo.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed Point-of-Sale Packages:

ShopKeep by Lightspeed POS:

Mostly considered an iPad POS solution, ShopKeep by Lightspeed is available for both Android and iOS. An all-in-one POS, ShopKeep by Lightspeed is well-designed and intuitive and is packed with the features needed to accept payments, track inventory, manage customer relationships, and create an online store.

The software covers five areas: register, back office, payments, inventory, and reporting. ShopKeep by Lightspeed offers features depending on the needs of the business, whether a bar, restaurant, quick-service business or bicycle store. The POS software forms the basis of all offerings.


  • Easy transactions.
  • Split payments.
  • Refunds and returns.
  • Deposits.
  • Tips.
  • Discounts.
  • Time clocks.
  • User permissions.

Back Office.

  • Employee management.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Print labels.
  • Customizable paper or email receipts.


  • Accept all payment types.
  • ShopKeep Payments by Lightspeed or third-party payment processing.
  • Process payments offline.


  • Tracking.
  • Allows open pricing.
  • Uses weighted average cost.
  • Bulk item management.
  • Modifiers.
  • Item variation.


  • Analytics dashboard.
  • Inventory value report.
  • Shift overview.
  • Sales report.
  • Track gift cards.
  • Marketing dashboard.
  • Real-time ShopKeep Pocket App.


  • Marketing tools.
  • ShopKeep eCommerce by Lightspeed.
  • Loyalty program.
  • Automated accounting.


  • Premium phone support.
  • Integrated gift cards.

Standout Features:

ShopKeep by Lightspeed does one thing far better than Square, and that is inventory and employee management, with time clocks, open pricing, and weighted average costs.

While ShopKeep by Lightspeed has a payment processing service in ShopKeep by Lightspeed Payments, one is not forced into using it and can opt to use one's existing payment processor. While Square and Clover both offer mobile functionality, none compare to ShopKeep's Pocket App.

Other Products and Services:

ShopKeep by Lightspeed Payments.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed Payments is the platform's payment processing service. As with all of their products, fees and rates are customized for individual businesses. The service accepts all forms of payment, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, safely and securely. To enable payments through ShopKeep by Lightspeed Payments, there are a number of Bluetooth and cabled card readers.

ShopKeep Capital by Lightspeed.

ShopKeep Capital by Lightspeed is the company's financing product. Customers are able to access financing through a merchant cash advance. There are no monthly payments, variable interest rates, or set repayment schedule. Advances are repaid by remitting a percentage of daily credit card sales. ShopKeep by Lightspeed customers can access the advance through their back-office dashboard.

Have an existing payment processor?

You won't be asked to switch to ShopKeep by Lightspeed. The platform connects with your preferred service provider.

Key Information:

Legal Name



Jason Richelson

Founding Date

Oct 01, 2008


700 St-Antoine Est, 300, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1A6 Canada

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



1 (800) 820-9814



Is ShopKeep by Lightspeed free?

A free trial of ShopKeep by Lightspeed's retail, restaurant, eCommerce, and golf POS is available.

How much is ShopKeep by Lightspeed monthly?

ShopKeep by Lightspeed's retail POS pricing starts from $129.00 per month if billed monthly and their restaurant POS pricing starts from $39.00 per month if billed monthly. Users that make use of Lightspeed Payments receive a discount on all plans.

How do I cancel my Shopkeep by Lightspeed account?

  • Sign in to BackOffice as the Business Owner.
  • Click on "Settings" and select "Register Licenses."
  • Click on "Change Account Settings."
  • Adjust the license count and click on "Update."

What integration options does ShopKeep by Lightspeed offer?

ShopKeep by Lightspeed offers a wide variety of integrations on its retail and restaurant POS systems, including Homebase, Mailchimp, and QuickBooks, among others.

How often does Shopkeep by Lightspeed bill me?

Billing happens either monthly or annually, depending on your plan.

Do I need an internet connection to run Shopkeep by Lightspeed?

ShopKeep by Lightspeed an process cash sales offline, but an internet connection is required to process credit cards and sync register data to the BackOffice.

What payment options are available for ShopKeep by Lightspeed?

ShopKeep by Lightspeed only accepts credit cards as payment. The following types can be used:

  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • Discover.
  • American Express.

Is there a ShopKeep by Lightspeed free trial?

A free trial of ShopKeep by Lightspeed's retail, restaurant, eCommerce, and golf POS is available.

What is ShopKeep by Lightspeed's Location Code?

ShopKeep by Lightspeed's Location Code is a 6-digit number that allows customer support to identify your account when you contact them. You will find the location code in the BackOffice section of your software.

What are some ShopKeep by Lightspeed alternatives?