Learn about SambaPOS's restaurant POS software for small businesses. Includes info on SambaPOS, pricing, company info, and FAQs.

Updated on November 2nd, 2023

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SambaPOS is a restaurant POS software for small businesses. Features include customization, reporting, integrations, and process tracking. Restaurants use SambaPOS to improve service delivery and customer experience.

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Used by more than 2 million businesses.

Robust reporting.

Custom invoices.



SambaPOS V5 Pro

$249.00 /one-off.

SambaPOS V5 Mobile Client

$49.00 /yr.

Add On: Integrations

From $79.00 /yr.

There are various additional service products available.

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Pros: Designed for customization. Unlimited menus, products, and categories. Cloud synchronization.

Cons: Windows operating system only. No mobile access.

Bottomline: SambaPOS is a great option for smaller restaurants. It has a simple, user-friendly interface, and is flexible enough to fit any restaurant, bar, club, cafe, etc.

Key Information:

Legal Name

SambaPOS Inc.


Mehmet Akyildiz

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2010


1141 E. Main, Ste. 301 Batesville, AR 72501

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (870) 613-0429



What is SambaPOS?

SambaPOS is a POS system designed specifically for full-service restaurants, bars and nightclubs, quick service, delivery and takeaway, and food trucks.

What are the main features of SambaPOS?

  • Complete customization.
  • Integrated payment solutions.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Create multiple departments that can be managed from a single database.
  • Process tracking.
  • Floor plans and table organization.
  • Billing operations.
  • Create and manage loyalty, gift, membership and prepaid cards.
  • Track receivables and payables.

How much does it cost to use SambaPOS?

SambaPOS' has a one-off plan for $249.00 along with various additional service products and integrations.

Is there a SambaPOS free trial?

A simple version of SambaPOS can be downloaded for free on the website.

Is there a mobile app for SambaPOS?

Yes. SambaPOS has mobile apps available for both Android and iOS users that can be accessed from Google Play and the App Store respectively.

What inventory features does SambaPOS have?

  • Periodic cost calculations.
  • Adding unlimited products.
  • Adding unlimited units to products.
  • Defining sub-products.
  • Creating detailed receipts.

Is it safe to use SambaPOS?

SambaPOS is a highly secure platform that is PCI compliant and uses EMV credit card readers to protect your business from fraudulent transactions.