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Views EPOS Now's point of sale (POS) solution for your businesses. Includes info on EPOS Now reviews, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on February 25th, 2019

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Epos Now is a cloud-based provider of point of sale solutions for retail and hospitality businesses.

EPOS Now Pricing:

EPOS Now offers their retail POS system at $1,799.00, their hospitality POS system at the same price as well, and their iPad POS system at $599.00. Visit https://www.eposnow.com/.

EPOS Now Key Information Table:


Jacyn Heavens




Norwich, United Kingdom


Jacyn Heavens

Number of Employees


Number of Customers

Over 30 0000


1 (855) 434-3767


The Chase Plaza, South Tower, Suite 2010, 189 S Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801




Is there an EPOS Now free trial?

Yes. Visit www.eposnowhq.com/Pages/Account/Login.aspx.

Where can I find the EPOS Now login?

Visit www.eposnowhq.com/Pages/Account/Login.aspx to log in.

EPOS Now Reviews:



sumuraijack2010 - reddit.com

Super late to the thread, but EPOSNow sucks. It will give you insequential invoice numbers if you're doing a lot of POS sales, which makes it very difficult for book keeping. On top of that, their support line ignores your request if you want to cancel and they can get quite unresponsive when you're asking for help.

DrunkieMunkie - reddit.com

Found them to be as bad as Micros. Honestly jump ship before you need to update any menus or firmware, it was awful support from ENow.

SaskiaGeerts80 - faceboook.com

Love your system, have one major issue. The "order anyway" option is absolutely useless and a straight cause for items not charged to customers at time. Simply put: I want that button gone. And please don't tell me to put in a "feature vote". One: that page sucks as it does not even open 90% of the time. Two: you tell me when that option would be useful in any way for any bar/Cafe/restaurant. Finding the order back after to take payment is SLOW, and since it's not assigned to any table or tab you can only hope your staff knows which customer. It is the one feature of your system that would have me looking elsewhere.

Sharon Yamoah - faceboook.com

My experience with Eposnow has not been the best. I chose to use the $69.00 a monthly software plan initially for my business. Unfortunately, the trial charge transactions with Vantiv pin pad never could interact, in other words the process was in error. This happen each time the tech person from Eposnow and Vantiv tried to figure out the problem. Over & Over transactions were in error or NOT COMPLETE. The two companies could not resolved the problem. I hired a Technical person to insure my system was properly set up and also to witness the trail transactions and he told me it was either Eposnow or Vantiv system. Plus, I checked with my internet provider which upon investigation was not the source of the problem. We requested to speak with a supervisor from Eposnow , who told us that we have to wait ( mind you over 2 1/2 months of trial transaction failures) until they rectify the problem. My business transactions are 80% charges therefore I requested a refund since Eposnow was not able to provide the POS services they promised. The Supervisor was very unreasonable and just nasty. If you have a problem with these large companies, the onus is on the customer, the small business owner.

marc.draco - faceboook.com

Dear Odin!Your support people have the patience of saints.It's tough enough working a support desk but how bad does it have to be when the user is dealing with a system that's not even been re-installed correctly after a contractor pulled the system to pieces and didn't put it all back properly!?Not just a great piece of software, well designed and beautifully thought through (ah, how I miss the days when simplicity was king) but service staff that know how it works!Massive kudos - can't recommend you enough.