Compare Justworks to Gusto, TriNet, and Rippling. Includes a detailed review of Justworks, pricing information, and answers to common questions.

Updated on July 18th, 2022

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Updated 11th of November 2021

We updated the review format and added comparisons to Gusto, TriNet, and Rippling.

Justworks is a cloud-based HR and payroll platform that also offers benefits and compliance support. It also acts as a professional employer organization or PEO.

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Gusto Payroll Software

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Made for mobile.

Auto tax filing and digital paystubs.



Monthly Pricing

Basic: under 25 employees

$49.00 /employee.

Basic: 25-99 employees

$44.00 /employee.

Basic: 100-174 employees

$39.00 /employee.

Basic: more than 175 employees

Contact for quote.

Plus: under 25 employees

$99.00 /employee.

Plus: 25-99 employees

$89.00 /employee.

Plus: 100-174 employees

$79.00 /employee.

Plus: more than 175 employees

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Justworks acts as a PEO and offers support for payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance. With Justworks, employers can access health insurance and fitness memberships for their employees at more affordable rates. With its full and competitive range of features, Justworks is an effective HR and payroll solution for small businesses.


  • Payroll features include off-cycle payments, tax filings, automated deposits, and contractor payments.
  • Timesheets can be synced with the payroll software.
  • The software seamlessly integrates with Xero and QuickBooks.
  • The HR tools include document management, hiring and onboarding, reporting, and time management features.
  • Users have access to 24/7 customer support.


  • The payroll software lacks some of the more advanced features, such as lifetime accounts and tip credits.
  • The software is costlier than top competitors, such as Gusto and TriNet Zenefits.


Justworks is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau but was given an A- rating on the platform. On Facebook, Justworks has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars, based on the opinion of 63 people. While some users described the platform as easy to use and lauded the customer service, others thought the customer service was disappointing.




Automated taxes

Contractor payments

Time tracking

Direct deposits

Expense management


Off-cycle payrolls

Accounting software integrations

Employee portal

Security features

Firewalls and SSL and bank-level encryption.

Justworks vs. Gusto
Justworks vs. Gusto:

While Gusto and Justworks appear to have a fairly similar starting price, Justworks is far costlier due to its much higher price per employee. Gusto also offers a broader set of payroll features, including items such as expense management and lifetime accounts. Overall, Gusto offers more value at a better price.

Justworks vs. Gusto Comparison:




Starting price

$49.00 /employee.

$40.00 /mo. + $6.00 /mo. /employee.

Automated taxes

Expense management


Direct deposits

Time tracking

Justworks vs. TriNet
Justworks vs. TriNet:

TriNet and Justworks both function as PEO's and offer a range of solutions to help businesses manage their workforce and process payroll. Both also charge per employee per month, although TriNet does not make its rates readily available online. However, TriNet offers some payroll features that Justworks doesn't, such as expense management.

Justworks vs. TriNet Comparison:




Starting price

$49.00 /employee.

Contact for quote.

Automated taxes

Expense Management


Direct deposits

Time tracking

Justworks vs. Rippling
Justworks vs. Rippling:

Rippling and Justworks both offer PEO services as well as software solutions for businesses to manage HR, recruitment, and payroll tasks. However, unlike Justworks, Rippling also offers a learning management solution. Comparing the two services' starting prices, Rippling is the more affordable option.

Justworks vs. Rippling Comparison:




Starting price

$49.00 /employee.

$8.00 /mo. employee.

Automated taxes

Expense management


Direct deposits

Time tracking

Key Information:

Legal Name

Justworks, Inc.


Isaac Oates

Founding Date

Oct 01, 2012


601 W. 26th Street, 4th Fl., New York, NY 10001

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





1 (888) 534-1711




What is Justworks?

Justworks is a cloud-based HR platform that provides benefits, payroll, compliance support, employee onboarding, and HR tools for small to midsized companies. Justworks is also a professional employer organization (PEO).

What is Justworks used for?

Businesses can use Justworks to manage HR processes, payroll, employee benefits, and more.

Is Justworks a good company?

While Justworks received mixed reviews on Facebook, the Better Business Bureau awarded the service an A- rating. Justworks is a good option for small businesses looking for an all-in-one HR and payroll solution.

What kind of company is Justwoks?

Justworks is an HR technology company that offers a PEO service as well as a range of tools to help businesses manage their workforce and process payroll.

Is Justworks an HRIS?

Justworks is a cloud-based HR and PEO that offers HRIS tools.

How much does Justworks cost?

Justworks' pricing starts at $49.00 per employee per month for businesses with under 25 employees.

What are the differences between Justworks and TriNet Zenefits?

Justworks and TriNet Zenefits offer many of the same features, but there are some differences in what software they integrate with, platforms they're available on, and security types. Most importantly, TriNet Zenefits is not a professional employer organization (PEO), so it cannot co-employ. If this is a service you need, you'll want to look into Justworks.

Who owns Justworks?

Isaac Oates is the CEO and founder of Justworks.

How much does Justworks cost for a small business of fewer than 10 employees?

Justworks charges $49.00 per employee per month for businesses with fewer than 25 employees.

Where is the Justworks NYC office located?

The Justworks office in New York City ay 601 W 26th St. New York, NY, 10001 on the corners of 26th and 11th.