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Learn more about Rippling benefits administration software for small businesses. Includes customer reviews and frequently asked questions.

Updated on June 30th, 2020

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Rippling is a human resource information system (HRIS) that offers benefits administration, payroll processing, and more in one convenient platform. Companies use Rippling to streamline their HR processes.


Rippling's pricing starts at $7.00 per employee per month. To get a customized quote, visit


Pros: Automated platform with an array of HR functions and great onboarding.

Cons: Mobile app does not offer benefits.

Bottomline: Rippling enables companies to manage employee benefits, payroll, and taxes in one intuitive platform.

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Parker Conrad and Prasanna Sankaranarayanan




San Francisco, CA

Number of Employees






busynessguy -

If you have 10+ employees, Rippling is perfect. My comment on a similar thread posted some time ago: I'd suggest you to go with Rippling. My company has been using them since they launched and we couldn't be happier. Rippling can help with more than just Payroll, and the good thing is you can configure your plan according to your needs, and they adjust the pricing accordingly. Although I have only needed support once (lost 2FA device), they were super quick to reply and help!

Brett Ungashick -

They offer arguably the most tech-forward platform to ever hit HR technology. Some people dream about paperless onboarding; with Rippling, onboarding isn’t just digital, with one click an HR manager can also order computers and have them pre-loaded with all employee apps, fully provisioned. Rippling is a marriage between IT and HR for the most tech-forward companies.

@calcsam -

My endorsement of Rippling: (1) they do absolutely everything we need. We replaced a bunch of different systems and a crap-ton of manual glue with Rippling.(2) i've worked with @parkerconrad & he understands this space better than anyone else, period, end of story.

BrightGas -

We just transitioned over to Rippling. The onboarding was great, but now that we've transitioned out of that period we have no account manager, and surprise, their support sucks. You can only email support, you get no response that they've even received your ticket, and they don't treat any of your questions with urgency.


What is Rippling?

Rippling is a human resource information system (HRIS) that allows small businesses to manage and track employee benefits and payroll.

How much does Rippling cost?

Rippling's pricing starts at $7.00 per employee per month. To get a customized quote, visit

What are some alternatives to Rippling?