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Learn more about AnyDesk remote access software with customer reviews, rating, pricing information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on December 11th, 2018

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AnyDesk is a remote access software solution that allows people to remotely access another computer from any location with an internet connection. Small businesses can use AnyDesk to help customers configure their computers or to make technological changes within their own organization.

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AnyDesk Pricing:

Plan Name



$79.00 /yr.


$229.00 /yr.


Quote only.

AnyDesk Key Information Table:




Stuttgart, Germany


Philipp Weiser


Friedrichstr. 9, 70174, Stuttgart, Germany


AnyDesk FAQs:

What is the price range for AnyDesk software?

AnyDesk has three yearly plans. The cheapest option starts at $79.00 per year, while the Enterprise plan is priced by quote since its features are customized to meet the needs of larger companies.

Is there an AnyDesk Mac version?

Yes, there is a version of AnyDesk for Mac computers that was specifically built for Mac operating systems. With the Mac version, you can gain remote access to other Mac computers seamlessly.

Can I use Any Desk to access my work computer?

Yes, with AnyDesk you can access your work computer from home if you are spending the day away from the office or working remotely for an extended period of time.

How do I download AnyDesk?

To get started with AnyDesk, go to and select the version of the software that you would like to download. You need to pay for your software before downloading.

AnyDesk Reviews:




Edymar D.


Very easy to install and figure out. This tool makes it so easy for me to work from home or on the road!

Isais S.


AnyDesk has a friendly user interface that allows you to gain remote access to more than one computer. It would be nice if the other user's cursor would lock when you access their computer remotely, but overall this software does a good job.

Igor S.


With this platform, you can gain remote access and feel as though you are right there in the room. This enables me to provide a better customer support experience.

Gabriela R.


Nimble software with fast connection speeds. AnyDesk is ideal for remote workers because it is so easy to use.

Hrishi S.


This software is convenient and it really works. It's blazing fast and it makes working with clients remotely a whole lot easier.

Jose C.


I have been using this software for one year and I am very satisfied with it. The security features could be stronger, but the reliability and the convenience of this tool makes it a leader.

Vasu N.


You can set up AnyDesk very quickly and start using it right away. The interface design could be a bit more modern, but it is extremely fast.

Sanjay S.


AnyDesk is so user-friendly that anyone can use it. In my experience, you can use this software without any issues and you can get started immediately.

Tushar G.


A simple, smooth application that enables remote support. The keyboard and mouse functions could be better, but maybe they will improve with updates.

Fatih S.


AnyDesk is stable and has a great reaction time. I have not experienced anything negative with this product.