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Updated on February 1st, 2023

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RemoteToPC is a remote access platform that facilitates remote access between computers. RemoteToPC can be used by businesses to support customers and to work outside of the office.

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RemoteToPC Reviews

Pros: Pricing options for businesses of any size. Unlimited sessions.

Cons: Only displays one remote monitor at a time.

Bottomline: RemoteToPC is an affordable remote access tool with a variety of plans that work for businesses of any size.

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Steve White, Aaron White




Fort Worth, TX

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Steve White


6340 Lake Worth Blvd. #232, Fort Worth, TX 76135

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+1 817-400-8720



What is the price range for RemoteToPC software?

RemoteToPC annual plans range in price from $99.00 to $899.00 per year.

Can I get a free trial of RemoteToPC?

All RemoteToPC plans are available in a free 14-day trial version so that you can test each one out. You can access the free trial at website.

How secure is the RemoteToPC platform?

The platform is highly secure and all sessions are through a 256BIT-SSL encrypted tunnel. There are also two RemoteToPC passwords required to access a computer for an added layer of security.

How do I remove the black screen that is occasionally displayed by the remote host?

You can try restarting remote access on it under the wrench icon in the command center if you are having problems with a remote host displaying a black screen after you connect to it. You can also disable the Aero theme which may contribute to the faulty display.

What information do I need to access another computer using RemoteToPC?

To gain remote access to another computer, you need to enter the permission password from that computer into your RemoteToPC portal.