Apple Remote Desktop Reviews

Learn about Apple Remote Desktop software for your business. Includes info on Apple Remote Desktop, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 1st, 2023

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Apple Remote Desktop is a remote access software platform that can be used by administrators to access or monitor Mac computers remotely. The software was developed by Apple and works with all Mac operating systems.

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Apple Remote Desktop can be downloaded from the App Store for $79.99.

Apple Remote Desktop Reviews

Pros: Automates the workflow of tasks. Good UI and UX.

Cons: Only connects to Macs running OS X versions 10.8 Mountain Lion or later.

Bottomline: Lightning-fast solution that can save your business a lot of time.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Apple Inc.


Steve Jobs

Founding Date

Jan 03, 1977


One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014

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1 (877) 412–7753



How do I use Apple Remote Desktop?

Apple Remote Desktop is a remote access platform that can be used by administrators to access or monitor Mac computers.

You can set up the Remote Login by doing the following:

  • Go to System Preferences > Sharing.
  • Select Remote Login.
  • Choose the users you want to have remote access to.

Can Apple Remote Desktop connect to Windows?

Yes. You can contact Apple support to assist you with the process.

What is the latest version of Apple Remote Desktop?

Apple Remote Desktop Client 3.9.3 and Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.9

How do I contact Apple Remote Desktop's client support?

If you go to, you can locate a technical support agent who can help you with your Mac OS remote desktop software.

Is there an Apple Remote Desktop free trial?

There is no Apple Remote Desktop free trial available.

Does Apple Remote Desktop work on an iPad?

There are some apps that allow for remote access to your Mac from your iPad, but iPad remote access from a Mac or vice-versa is not possible with Apple Remote Desktop. This is because the software is only for access between desktops.

Can Apple Remote Desktop hide my tasks from local users?

Yes, you can activate Curtain Mode to block the local user’s view of their desktop. You will have full control of the system, but your work will be hidden from view.

Can I use Apple remote access to work from home?

The Apple Remote Desktop tool is mostly for network administrators, but you could use it to access a remote desktop Mac and open files remotely.

What are some Apple Remote Desktop alternatives?