The Best Pizza POS Systems

Learn more about the best pizza POS system for small businesses, with pricing, rankings, and FAQs.

Updated on December 21st, 2023

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A Pizza POS System is an inexpensive point of sale system used in pizzerias or fast food restaurants to manage orders and accept payments. A pizza POS system is usually cloud-based and enables efficient sales from a tablet, mobile device, or computer.

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Square Point of Sale

Easy to Set Up and Use

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Used by more than 2 million businesses.

Robust reporting.

Custom invoices.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Pizza POS Systems:

  1. A Pizza POS system should be simple to use but still able to handle large customizable menus.
  2. Check if the POS system offers an integrated online ordering system.
  3. Consider a POS system that offers built-in loyalty programs or gift systems.

Best Pizza POS Systems:





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Square POS

$60.00 /mo.

Simple inventory management and easy to use software but sometimes lags when overused.

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$69.00 /license /mo.

Offers lots of integrations and can handle busy restaurants but there is no Android version.

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From $69.00 /mo.

A user-friendly option with great features but the inventory transfer feature could use improvements.

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Free and paid options.

Offers a sleek interface and sales recording features but lacks inventory management and receipt customization.

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Epos Now

From $99.00 /one-off.

An easy to navigate, robust system but it does not have a built-in application for the bulk import of data.

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Point of Success

From $79.00 /mo.

A user-friendly option with inventory management capabilities but can become expensive when adding extras.

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NCR Silver

Free and paid options.

Features great reporting capabilities but is not available on Android.

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Clover POS

From $14.95 /mo.

Easy to implement and integrates with other software solutions but has its own hardware which needs to be purchased directly from the company.

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From $29.99 /mo.

Features reporting capabilities but the basic plan does not feature online ordering, tableside ordering, or online reservations.

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From $59.00 /mo.

User-friendly web-based application that is not compatible with Android devices.

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Toast POS

Free and paid options.

Intuitive and user-friendly with excellent customer support but the terminals are only compatible with the Toast credit card processing service.

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Some companies may offer discounts on annual subscriptions.


Why should I specifically use a pizza POS system in my restaurant/shop?

Although any shop can use a POS system, pizza shops need to be able to manage multiple orders and serve food as fast as possible to a constant stream of customers.

A good pizza POS system can be used on any device to track sales, inventory levels, and pizza delivery orders in real-time so that you'll never miss a beat — and keep your customers happy.

What are the benefits of a pizza POS system?

A POS system will enable you to handle complex orders, sales, keep track of stock, and manage customer relationships all from one platform.

A point of sale system also allows you to build flexible menus with sub-categories to make it easier for employees to process orders accurately, and accept various forms of payment.

The 20 Best Pizza Pos Systems

What are the best POS Systems for pizza restaurants?

Can I use a pizza point of sale system on any device?

Yes. Most restaurant POS systems are cloud-based, allowing you to access the system on an iPad or smartphone wherever you go. If you're not keen on an iPad POS system, you can choose to purchase additional hardware such as a pizza POS terminal or a standard cash register.

Can a pizza POS system operate offline?

You don't have to worry about losing connection to the internet as most pizza POS systems have an online/offline mode so that you can still process payments even when you're offline. Certain software programs, like TouchBistro, don't need the internet to run.

How do I choose the best pizza POS system for my restaurant/shop with limited technical skills?

If you're considering a pizza POS system, think about your business needs and what your customers want. Do you need to create a custom menu with lots of toppings, or do you have a more traditional menu? Once you know what you need from a POS, you'll be able to choose the best pizza POS system for your establishment.