Point of Success Reviews

Learn about Point of Success restaurant POS software for small and medium-sized companies. Includes pricing, reviews, company info & FAQs.

Updated on December 17th, 2019

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Point of Success is a POS system for pizzerias, restaurants, food trucks, bars, and nightclubs. The platform provides order entry and tracking, as well as reporting, table service features, and more.


Plan Name


Premium – Subscription

$49.00 per computer /mo.


$799.00 for license + $250.00 for each additional computer.


$399.00 for license + $130.00 for each additional computer.

Point of Success Dashboard

$19.00 per restaurant /mo.

Online Ordering




CentralPoint Remote

$199.00 per location.

CentralPoint Headquarters


Employee Timekeeping


Employee Scheduling


Table and Guest Management


Point Of Success

Pros: User-friendly and fast, excellent customer support, inventory management.

Cons: Cloud-hosting costs extra.

Bottomline: Good restaurant POS software to help manage a restaurant smoothly.

Key Information:

Parent Company

Inborne Technology Corporation




Meza, AZ

Number of Employees



David Cluff


916 E Baseline Rd, Suite 132, Mesa, AZ, 85204, United States

Phone Number

+1 480-497-4004




How much does Point of Success cost?

Point of Success pricing ranges between $49.00 and $799.00.

What type of features does Point of Success offer?

Features include order entry and tracking, customer database, table service, reporting, loyalty and rewards, and table management. Optional extras include a cloud dashboard, employee scheduling, and online ordering, among other features.

How do I get in touch with Point of Success customer service?

You can reach the Point of Success support team via email or by calling 1 (800) 752-3565.

What are some Point of Success alternatives?

Customer Reviews:

Beau Wright, Ole Broadway

Reviewed: Jan 01, 2019

Source: Revention

We were using Point of Success, but the software was hard to use and the customer service was bad.


Reviewed: Dec 20, 2014

Source: thinktank

Currently use Aloha at both locations. I've sat down with Revention, I like their product. Point of Success seems OK as well, especially the price. Point of Success seems, for some reason, like software that might be more of a "toy" than a rock solid "serious" POS system. Maybe its just me?


Reviewed: Dec 09, 2017

Source: thinktank

I am a Point of Success user, and we got to beta test Ver 3.xx before its release. I have never been on the Admin side of a POS system before using Point of Success, so I have nothing to compare it too, It just works great for us. Speed? is it fast? we only seat 32 people in our dining room, yet we're serving just shy of 800 people daily here in the summer months, and the system keeps up better than our cashiers do.