Harvest Reviews, Pricing, Ratings and FAQs

Learn about Harvest's web-based time tracking tool for small businesses. Includes info on Harvest, free trials, pricing, customer reviews and FAQs.

Updated on June 26th, 2019

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Harvest is a web-based time tracking tool for small businesses. Businesses can use Harvest to track both time and expenses in one place, from anywhere, easily and quickly.


Plan Name

Monthly Pricing


$0.00 for 1 user and only 2 projects.


$12.00 for 1 user and unlimited projects.


$12.00 per user, unlimited projects.


Pros: User experience is good. Time tracking tool is intuitive. It is easy to use.

Cons: No Windows or Linux desktop apps.

Bottomline: Harvest is a time tracking tool that integrates with dozens of today's work tools and is user-friendly, making it a good, cost-effective option for small businesses.


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Key Information:


Danny Wen and Shawn Liu




New York City, NY

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



Danny Wen


+1 212-226-4160


16 West 22nd St, New York, NY, 10010






feistypharit - news.ycombinator.com

https://www.getharvest.com works well for me. Web plus a native osx app and ability to log and remove idle time in case you leave it's timer running.

seanwilson - news.ycombinator.com

Been using it for several years and it's great. The native time tracking app that lets you start timers with a few key presses is handy.

drewhackworth - reddit.com

If you're not ready to go full PSA I would definetly check out Harvest Time Tracking software, it's super easy and very reasonably priced.

leftnode - reddit.com

Excellent app, I think it's even free for one or two people. Is simple enough to use, keeps out of your way, and works very well.

ykevin - reddit.com

This is the simplest one I've ever used.


How much does Harvest cost?

Harvest plans range from $12.00 for a single user and unlimited projects to $12.00 per person in a team and unlimited projects.

Read our pricing guide.

What is Harvest's time tracking?

Harvest helps you to track your business's time and expenses. You can track your team's working hours, keep your projects on track, and generate professional invoices to send to your clients.

Read our detailed guide to Harvest.

What is Harvest Forecast?

Harvest and Forecast can be used together to predict the necessary time and budget needed to complete a project. This data will then be automatically sent to your Harvest account to create a sales proposal and invoice.

Read our detailed guide to Harvest.

Does Harvest integrate with Salesforce?

Yes, when you sync Harvest with Salesforce, your team's time entries will appear under the appropriate project in Salesforce.

Is there a Harvest free trial?

Yes, Harvest offers a 30-day fully functional free trial. Access it here.