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4 min read • Last updated on January 4th, 2019

EspoCRM is a free call center software that offers a locally stored CRM database, document storage and email marketing tools, among other features.

EspoCRM Pricing:

EspoCRM does not make its pricing options available.

EspoCRM Reviews
EspoCRM Summary:

Pros: Intuitive design and many customization options.

Cons: Problems integrating with other systems and the best features aren't available in the free version.

Bottomline: EspoCRM is a very reliable software, but it's worth upgrading to get more advanced features.

EspoCRM Key Information:




Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Phone Number

+44 (203) 695-03-80


Rivnenska, 5A, office 404, Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 58013



Is there an EspoCRM free trial?

EspoCRM offers a fully-featured 30-day free trial of its software.

Where can I find the EspoCRM login?

There are no login options without first downloading the software.

What are some EspoCRM alternatives?

EspoCRM Reviews



bruce185 -

Unclear commitment to open source combined with very low community engagement, primitive functionality in key areas, poor documentation, sub-standard user experience and no clear roadmap all lead us to conclude that this is a project that has a long way to go before we could recommend it for anything other than small companies with non-complex requirements.

pmontanez -

EspoCRM is the most flexible Open Source CRM out there.... Point. I've been trying most of the Open Source CRM and nothing comes close to a clean code and neat design. The amount of customization it's compared to none. As for the Open Source commitment, I just don't think what else they want( Very active Github repository and activity). Finally, the community is Awesome, I never experienced an open source project where most of your questions and concerns are answered from the dev team in such a small time frame (usually less than 24h). They're always willing to help and implement new improvements.

greenstones -

EspoCRM has been rock solid, and I received an answer to a support query within hours. 7 days later and I still have had no response to a support query on the SuiteCRM forum about a non-functioning calendar (which I note others have had problems with)....The only thing I find a bit problematic with EspoCRM is getting IMAP to sync all folders in an account correctly, but on the other hand EspoCRM doesn't claim to be a fully-functional IMAP client. We're using it to fetch incoming email from the INBOX of a dedicated account and then process it, and that seems to work fine.

Clintre -

Like many others, I have tried SuiteCRM and other similar solutions. None really did what I needed without a lot of modifications to fit our business needs. That is understandable and to be fair we needed to make plenty of changes to Espo to fit our process. The major difference with Espo and the others was that Espo was extremely easy to change to our needs, without any coding while the others were extremely difficult. The power of Espo is the flexibility without coding capabilities. If one of my team needs something changed in fields, flow, forms, etc. it is a few clicks in a few minutes to accomplish.Now at the same time there are things I agree with on the review.1. Documentation is weak 2. Feature request generally go without much comments back from Espo, makes it feel like no one is listening.3. The community is small and not extremely active. However I think that could change if we had more engagement from the devs or they had a blog about what is happening.In any case, Espo has been the first CRM that I have been able to truly bend to our needs and process without having to get down to customizing a lot of code.

Scott Nesbitt -

When some people hear CRM, they imagine a large and complex system packed with features they might never use. EspoCRM goes against that image by being fairly lightweight, fast, and easy to customize. EspoCRM packs all the features its target market, small- and medium-sized businesses, need. Those features include the ability to automate leads, opportunities, and contacts; create individual and mass mailings; schedule meetings, calls, and tasks; and to track changes to customer records. EspoCRM wraps all of that in a clean, modern interface.You can buy extension packs that bolt on the ability to generate quotes and invoices, synchronize with Google Calendar, integrate with VoIP telephony servers, and more.

messo85 -

I have used EspoCRM since ~2016 for my business and for a non-profit organization and can recommend it wholeheartedly. It's easy to upgrade, it's stable and very customizable. The only "downside" is all the possibilities and options available, as it can be a bit overwhelming at first. But if you take the time to set it up to fit your needs, it is a rock solid alternative.