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Learn about VirtueMart e-commerce software for small businesses. Includes info on VirtueMart, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on May 14th, 2019

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VirtueMart is a free ecommerce software supported by Joomla, a content management system (CMS). The software offers thousands of built in features including uncapped catorgories, scalable carts, coupons, and one-click checkout.

VirtueMart Pricing:

VirtueMart does not provide pricing for this product. The software is a free, open source plugin offered by Joomla. For more information, visit and fill in the online contact form.

VirtueMart Key Information:


Sören Eberhardt-Biermann



Vice President

Aleksander Kuczek

Parent Company



VirtueMart FAQs:

Is there a VirtueMart free trial?

No, VirtueMart does not offer a free trial.

Where can I find the VirtueMart login?

Go to and click "Login" in the footer menu of the homepage, or sign in directly at

Reviews of VirtueMart:



websitescenes -

Every experience I've had with Magento and Virtuemart has been horrible. I always got the systems to do what I wanted but it always felt like hacking. Too many hoops to jump through. If you have the skill, I would make a system that does exactly what you want.

danielderek -

One of the most powerful and popular capabilities of a Joomla website is the ability to deliver robust ecommerce solutions. While there are a growing number of options for ecommerce in Joomla, the pioneer and still the most popular shopping cart option is the Joomla Virtuemart shopping cart extension.

sharkcon -

We used to use Zencart for a particular online shop but switched a number of years ago when we were looking to move to responsive design and have more content on the site. We added Joomla first for content and then replaced Zencart some time later with Virtuemart which is a Joomla extension.Zencart was great for the time we had it, but any plugins needed to be installed in a very manual fashion and it didn't really support the content features we wanted in addition to the shop. Using a Joomla CMS website as the base we have strong content capabilities and Virtuemart is great for the online shop. It's a bit of a steep learning curve if you haven't used it before but long term it has saved a lot of work. I know Joomla Virtuemart has a migration path from Zencart or at least it did back then. You could also look into Woocommerce with Wordpress; Drupal or if you have a big site Magento may be a good option.