T-Mobile Small Business Cell Phone Plans

Learn more about T-Mobile small business cell phone plans with key information, pricing details, frequently asked questions.

Updated on July 2nd, 2019

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T-Mobile is a major international cell phone provider with coast-to-coast coverage in the United States and small business cell phone solutions to help businesses stay connected.


Number of Lines

Cost Per Line


$60.00 /mo.


$35.00 /mo.


$28.00 /mo.


$29.00 /mo.

T-Mobile for Business

Pros: Fantastic mobile device management and awesome coverage.

Cons: Not all devices are compatible with T-Mobile.

Bottomline: Excellent platform to enable efficient business communications.

Key Information:


John Stanton




Bellevue, WA

Parent Company

Deutsche Telekom

Number of Employees



John Legere


12920 South East 38th Street, Bellevue, WA, United States 98006

Phone Number

+1 425-378-4000






oreshek - reddit.com

I managed to grab a T-Mobile small business plan that goes $45 for 5gigs of highspeed and everything else unlimited. I then put my brother on a second line. The phone I got was a Nexus 4 that sells for around $150 at the moment. My advice is: Don't get a brand new phone. Don't get a phone on contract. Buy an older model and get a business plan.

landalezjr - reddit.com

This! My company moved over 100 lines from Verizon to T-Mobile almost 2 years ago and our account manager failed to mention that we basically had to call or email for any changes we need to make no matter how big or small. Even worse the turnover in the business account manager position is insane, we are literally on our fifth rep in less than two years. Thankfully we will be fully back on Verizon by the end of the summer. I still love T-Mobile for my personal account but I couldn't in good conscious recommend them for a business.

choff5507 - reddit.com

I'm using digits for my business, so far its good. I would love to see them add some more business related functionality but that's another story for another day.


What are T-Mobile's plans?

T-Mobile has a variety of plans for:

  • Phones.
  • Tablets & hotspots.
  • Wearables & lifestyle devices.
  • Prepaid plans.

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What solutions does T-Mobile offer for business?

  • Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS).
  • Fleet Management.
  • Help Desk for Small Businesses.
  • Mobile Device Management.
  • Productivity Solutions.
  • Internet of Things Network Solutions.

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What are the T-Mobile business plans?

  • Magenta for Business.
  • Military Plan for Business.
  • T-Mobile Simple Choice.
  • T-Mobile 13+.
  • T-Mobile Amplified.

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Does T-Mobile allow my business to bring my own device (BYOD)?

Yes. BYOD saves your business money and gives your business the flexibility to use company-owned devices or allow employees to use their own. You can just add T-Mobile's plan.

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Can my business keep it's existing number if I bring my own device?

Yes. Most phone numbers can be transferred to T-Mobile. You need to check the transfer eligibility of your existing number from your current service provider.

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What information does T-Mobile require to port my business number?

  • Previous Carrier Name.
  • Previous Carrier Account Number.
  • Account Pin Number.
  • Phone Number to be Ported In.

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How do I contact a T-Mobile business sales representative?

If you are interested in T-Mobile business plans, you can talk to a T-Mobile business expert by calling 1 (844) 428-9675.

Is there a T-Mobile small business discount?

T-Mobile does not have a specific small business discount, but you pay less per line with every line that you add, and veteran-owned small businesses can qualify for special rates and plans.

What is T-Mobile ONE business?

T-Mobile One is a plan for Military veterans who own small businesses. As long as you verify your military status, you can get 20% - 50% off per line.

T Mobile Business Account Benefits

What are the account benefits for this plan?

  • Coast to coast 4G LTE coverage.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Online account management and bill payments.
  • Unlimited data options.

What is T-Mobile Business Care?

T-Mobile Business Care is a customer service department of T-Mobile that is dedicated to business support. You can dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone to reach the T-Mobile business care line, or you can call the T-Mobile business number at 1 (877) 347-2127.

What is the T-Mobile Business Family Discount?

The Business Family Discount is a discount that T-Mobile offers to the family members of someone who is already on a T-Mobile business plan. With this discount, you can save up to 50% on the first two lines in your family plan.

What are some T-Mobile Small Business cell phone plans alternatives?