AT&T Small Business Cell Phone Plans Reviews

Find out more about AT&T business cell phone plans with key information, pricing, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on October 3rd, 2023

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AT&T is one of the largest cell phone network providers in the United States. AT&T offers small business cell phone plans to help businesses stay connected and save money.


Updated 15th of February 2021

We added comparisons between AT&T and popular competitors, changed pricing to new lower prices that makes AT&T a competitor in the communications industry. Added AT&T's selection of business solutions and pricing.

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AT&T is a top-ranking network provider that offers competitive cell phone plans for businesses of all sizes.

When looking at AT&T's strongest competitors T-Mobile and Verizon, the carrier does fall short in affordability, speed, and network coverage. Currently, Verizon leads the race as the carrier with the most network coverage across the United States. However, AT&T does provide better speed, coverage, and more features than T-Mobile, and its plans are more affordable than Verizon.


AT&T provides users with good coverage, a wide selection of plans and smartphones, and good international perks. In addition, the carrier is extremely accessible as the network provider has stores in almost every city. AT&T is also ideal for businesses and users that require strong streaming quality.


AT&T's plans are not the most affordable options available, especially for startups and businesses with small budgets. Furthermore, the carrier does have relatively low data deprioritization thresholds on unlimited plans, and the carrier reserves the right to throttle data speeds for all users during peak periods.


Most customers have been impressed with AT&T's quick setup and connection process. However, we did find more than five reviews where customers had issues with billing. In these cases, customers were either mistakenly billed or overcharged for services. Furthermore, AT&T's customer service needs some improvement, as customers have complained about poor support both online and in-store.


Plan Name

Starting Price (1 Line)

AT&T Mobile Share Plus for Business


AT&T Business Unlimited Starter


AT&T Business Unlimited Performance


AT&T Business Unlimited Elite


AT&T vs. T-Mobile
AT&T vs. T-Mobile:

T-Mobile and AT&T both offer similar features, such as unlimited data, text, and talk, and no roaming charges in Mexico and Canada. T-Mobile is the more affordable plan, charging $60.00 per month compared to $65.00 with AT&T. AT&T features Call Protect Basic for compatible devices; however, T-Mobile does offer greater network coverage.

AT&T vs. T-Mobile Comparison:

AT&T Unlimited Starter

T-Mobile Business Unlimited Select

$65.00 /mo.

$60.00 /mo.

Unlimited domestic data, talk and text on up to 10 eligible devices.

Unlimited data, text, and talk.

Unlimited talk & text to Canada and Mexico.

5GB mobile hotspot.

No roaming charges for plan use in Canada and Mexico.

No roaming charges for plan use in Canada and Mexico.

Standard Definition video streaming.

Standard Definition video streaming.

AT&T Call Protect Basic for compatible smartphones.

Unlimited 2G data, talk, and texting in 210+ countries.

AT&T vs. Verizon
AT&T vs. Verizon:

AT&T offers unlimited data, talk, and text, standard definition video streaming, and no roaming charges in Canada and Mexico for $65.00 per month, per line for its Unlimited Starter plan. Verizon offers similar features, including unlimited 4G LTE data (slower speed) and 480p DVD-quality streaming, on its Unlimited Start plan for $5.00 more than AT&T. However, both provide additional perks like AT&T's Call Protect Basic service and Verizon's free Apple subscription for the first six months.

AT&T vs. Verizon Comparison:

AT&T Unlimited Starter

Verizon Unlimited Start

$65.00 /mo.

$70.00 /mo.

Unlimited domestic data, talk and text on up to 10 eligible devices.

Unlimited text, talk, and data.

Unlimited talk & text to Canada and Mexico.

Unlimited 4G LTE data (slower speed).

No roaming charges for plan use in Canada and Mexico.

Limited talk, text, and data while roaming in Canada and Mexico.

Standard Definition video streaming.

480p DVD-quality streaming.

AT&T Call Protect Basic for compatible smartphones.

6 months Free subscription to Apple Music.

Business Plans:

AT&T Mobile Share Plus for Business:

Recognizing that every business is different, AT&T created their Share Plus plan to accommodate businesses of all sizes and their individual communication needs. With this plan, you can share data to 10 or 25 phones, tablets, and other devices. Other perks include rollover data, stream saver, and unlimited talk and text.

AT&T offers a total of six Share Plus plans, with prices ranging between $50.00 and $750.00 per month, depending on the amount of data and phone lines your business requires.

Shareable Plan

1 Line

2 Lines

3 Lines

























Add $20/mo. for each line for a smartphone with a two year service commitment.

Phone lines are limited to 10 lines for the first three plans (3G - 20GB). However, with the last three plans (30GB - 120GB), businesses can purchase additional lines for $15.00 per line.

Add Devices:

Device Type

Monthly Access Prices (per device)


Feature Phones (Basic & Messaging Phones)


Shared data with unlimited talk and text.

Tablets & Connected Devices


Shared data.

Connected Wearables


Shared data and unlimited talk & text (to/from AT&T connected wearable).

Laptops, Netbooks & Hotspot Devices


Shared data.

AT&T Wireless Internet


Shared data and unlimited nationwide calling (only add to 9GB plans or higher; no text).

Plan Includes:

  • Shareable data.
  • Rollover Data.
  • Stream saver.
  • Unlimited Talk & Text.
  • Mobile Hot Spot/Tethering Use.
  • Suspected spam and fraud alerts.

AT&T Business Unlimited:

AT&T offers three Business Unlimited plans, which feature 5G-enabled technology, unlimited data, talk, and text, as well as HD streaming. The AT&T Business Unlimited plan comes in three variations: Starter, Performance, and Elite.

Unlimited Starter:

The Starter plan is AT&T's lowest priced plan, with prices starting at $65.00 per month for one line. However, this price may decrease to $35.00 with the AutoPay and paperless billing discount. This plan is best suited for startups and small businesses who only require basic features, such as standard definition video streaming, unlimited domestic data, talk, and text on up to 10 eligible devices, as well as unlimited talk and text to Canada and Mexico.

Unlimited Performance:

The Performance plan starts at $75.00 per month for one line and comes equipped with the exact same features as the Starter plan, including unlimited text, talk, and data, both domestic and in Canada and Mexico. However, the Performance does include a few additional features, such as HD video streaming (with Stream Saver turned off), 30GB mobile hotspot data per line, and access to 5G+ and 5G service where each is available.

Unlimited Elite:

The Elite plan is the perfect fit for streamers and businesses that require fast internet. The Elite plan features 5G-enabled technology, fast tracker, 100GB mobile hotspot data per line, HD and 4K Ultra HD video streaming, as well as unlimited text, talk, and data.

Unlimited Business Pricing:

Unlimited Plan

1 Line

2 Lines

3 Lines


$65.00 /mo.

$120.00 /mo.

$135.00 /mo.


$75.00 /mo.

$130.00 /mo.

$150.00 /mo.


$85.00 /mo.

$150.00 /mo.

$180.00 /mo.

For all plans, add $25/mo. for each smartphone line with a 2-year service commitment. Each plan offers 10 lines, with prices ranging between $65.00 and $400.00, depending on the plan you choose. Each plan also includes an array of iOS and Android smartphone options, as well as standard flip phones.

Other Plans:

International Plan Details:

Plan Name


Starting Price

International Day Pass

Coverage for 24 hours; Access to your data; Unlimited world-wide texts; Unlimited calls to the US; Unlimited calls to 100+ countries in the plan.

$10.00 /day


Coverage in 200+ countries for as long as needed; Unlimited world-wide texts; 1GB or 3GB data; Calls at $0.35 /minute.

$60.00 /month for 1GB data; $120.00 /month for 3GB data; 1-time charge or recurring.


International data

$2.05 /MB.

Cruise Talk, Text, & Data

30 day package; 200MB data; Unlimited calls and texts.


Cruise Talk & Text

30 day package; 50 minutes free for calls; Unlimited texts.


Business Solutions:

Remote IT Services:

AT&T's IT service is a virtual IT department for businesses that require tech support for their laptops, desktops, mobile, IOT and connected devices, as well as office equipment like printers and scanners. With this service, businesses have access to a network of U.S.-based IT professionals 24/7.

Benefits and Features:

  • Work with reliable IT professionals.
  • Primary IT support or backup for your IT staff.
  • Plans are tailored to fit your budget and business needs.
  • Mobile app for added convenience.
  • Service is available 24/7.

Fax Solutions:

With this service, AT&T customers can send and receive faxes on the go, from any internet connected device. This service allows businesses to track, manage, and send faxes easily, ultimately saving time and paper.

Fax Solution Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Pricing

Online Fax 300


Online Fax Encrypted 300


Online Fax 600


Online Fax Encrypted 600


Website and Marketing Solutions:

AT&T introduced their website and marketing solutions to help businesses create and manage their online presence quick and effectively. Features include a website builder and an email marketing platform.

Website & Marketing Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Pricing


Build It For Me


One-on-one consultation with a professional website builder, monthly maintenance, and mobile friendly site.

Website Plans – Self Design


Easy to use tools, customizable templates, and social media integrations.

Email Marketing 250


Professionally designed templates, drag-and-drop controls, real-time reports.

Business Class Email 10


Turn your emails into a task list, manage time with a fully-integrated, shareable calendar, and control social media accounts from email accounts.

Other Products by AT&T:

AT&T Business.

AT&T Business is a business internet service that offers plenty of bundle plans, 24-hour tech support, AT&T Internet Backup, and phone service plans. While their internet service offers reliable networks and good speeds, AT&T Business has no contract-free options, and most of their plans are capped.

At a Glance:




Best For




Small Teams




Streaming Features




Family Plans

Key Information:

Legal Name

American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)

Founding Date

Oct 05, 1983


208 South Akard Street, Dallas, TX 75202 Dallas, TX, 75202, United States

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



1 (314) 925-6925



Is the AT&T unlimited plan really unlimited?

Yes. The AT&T unlimited plans have no usage limit, but users may experience lower internet speeds if the network is congested.

What is the AT&T unlimited plan?

AT&T offers several unlimited plans that provide users with unlimited data and unlimited talk and text.

How many phone numbers can I include on an AT&T business account?

The number of lines that you can include is really only limited by the amount of money that your business can afford to spend. AT&T small business plans can have up to 99 employees on the plan. An AT&T enterprise plan can accommodate even more phone numbers.

Can I combine my AT&T business phone plan with other AT&T business services?

By combining your AT&T business wireless service with other items in your AT&T business account (TV, Internet, etc.) you may be eligible for a bundling discount. Contact your local AT&T dealer to learn more about local offers.

What other AT&T business solutions are available?

AT&T has a number of business solutions that can help your business as it grows, including remote IT support, marketing, security & data backup, and business email. You can learn more by calling 1 (888) 944-0447.

What are some AT&T Business Cell Phone Plans alternatives?