Best Mobile Device Management in 2023

Discover the leading mobile device management software and learn more through pricing information and FAQs.

Updated on January 31st, 2023

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Mobile device management is a type of software that is used by businesses to secure, track, monitor and manage employees' mobile devices. IT departments can use this software to manage devices remotely across multiple departments and with varying operating systems.


Updated 14th of April 2020

We added Codeproof to our list of the best MDM options, and included comparisons for the top 3 solutions.

Why We Chose Scalefusion, Sure MDM, and Hexnode MDM:

Scalefusion, formerly MobiLock Pro, makes device management simple through a convenient and intuitive cloud-based dashboard. Users can streamline, manage, control, and communicate with all their mobile devices, including mPOS, Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices, in real-time.

Scalefusion is customizable and offers fast support and a great set of features, including password-protected lockdown, location tracking, remote file pushing, remote app, and content distribution.

Sure MDM is an easy-to-use mobile device management solution with strong customer support. Even for non-technical users, the system is easy to set up and is competitively priced.

Hexnode MDM has low monthly pricing and can be used to manage iOS, Android, Windows, and other devices. Hexnode can sync with popular software like GSuite and Office 365.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Mobile Device Management Software:

  1. Identify what you want to manage across all mobile devices and the key features you are looking for in the software. It should be easy to deploy, manage, and update.
  2. Ensure that the software supports the various types of mobile devices your business uses, including mobile point-of-sale devices.
  3. Assess whether the software's security management capabilities align with your security and compliance needs.

Best Mobile Device Management Software:





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From $2.00 /device /mo.

Feature-packed software. The user-friendly, cloud-based dashboard makes efficient mobile device management simple.

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From $4.99 /device /mo.

Feature-packed, intuitive software. Easy to set up and use.

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Hexnode MDM

From $1.02 /device /mo.

Affordable, user-friendly, and scalable. Offers loads of useful features.

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From $3.99 /device /mo.

A versatile mobile device management platform with the ability to automate compliance, manage apps, and more.

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From $2.00 /user /mo.

Efficient identity and mobile device management solution. Easy to deploy and use.

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From $104.00 /mo.

Reliable and easy to use. Offers great features.

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Meraki Systems Manager

Contact for quote.

Well-developed and user-friendly solution. Features include robust security policy enforcement.

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Soti MobiControl

Contact for quote.

Offers a wide range of features. Integrates well with other SOTI solutions.

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VMware Workspace One

From $1.66 /device /mo.

Offers an impressive range of features, quick configuration, and easy onboarding.

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Citrix Endpoint Management

Contact for quote.

Offers key features, and is secure and easy to use.

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ConnectWise Automate

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Offers a wide range of features. User-friendly.

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Contact for quote.

Easy to use. Has good reporting capabilities.

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Some companies may offer discounted rates on plans billed annually.

Pros and Cons:


  • Keep mobile devices secure by monitoring them closely.
  • Manage devices in multiple locations.
  • Create customized security settings.


  • Some MDM solutions only charge a fee per device instead of per month.
  • Mobile device management tools can be difficult for non-technical users to use.

Scalefusion Starter vs. Sure MDM Standard vs. Hexnode MDM Express:

Each of the three leading MDM options has a starting package that comes with limited features for small organizations. Pricing is affordable for all three plans, with SureMDM's Standard plan being the most expensive at $4.99 per device per month and Hexnode Express being the cheapest at just $1.02 per device per month.

In terms of features, Scalefusion Start has the most to offer as it even includes integrations with GSuite and Office 365. Neither of the other options offers any integrations unless your upgrade to a more expensive plan. Scalefusion Start is unique because it allows individuals to bring their own devices to the organization, instead of having to use devices that are issued by their employer.

Sure MDM Standard does have one advantage over the other two plans, which is that it allows for 3 administrators instead of just 2, or one in the cast of Hexnode MDM Express.

Overall, Scalefusion Started represents the best value among entry-level packages.

Scalefusion Starter vs. Sure MDM Standard vs. Hexode MDM Express Comparison:


Scalefusion Starter

Sure MDM Standard

Hexnode MDM Express


$2.00 /device /mo. (billed annually)

$4.99 /device /mo.

$1.02 /device /mo.

Number of administrators




Mobile devices

Android, iOS

Android, iOS

Android, iOS

Location tracking

Bring your own device



Advanced browser settings



Active Directory, GSuite, Office 365



Scalefusion Business vs. Sure MDM Premium vs. Hexnode Pro:

Scalefusion Business, Sure MDM Premium and Hexnode Pro are all mid-tier business packages for companies requiring mobile device management. Each of the packages comes with the features listed in the basic plans above, as well as additional access for more technicians and other advanced features.

Sure MDM Premium gives access to 25 technicians, a significant jump from their Standard package and more than double what is offered by Scalefusion Business (10 technicians). However, Scalefusion Business still leads the way with a complete set of team communications tools (chat, audio, etc.) and support for Linux operating systems, an option not provided by either of the competitors.

While Hexnode Pro is the most affordable option at just $2.00 per device per month, it does have significant disadvantages when compared to the other two, primarily the lack of remote control functions and any custom branding options.

Scalefusion Business vs. Sure MDM Premium vs. Hexnode Pro Comparison:


Scalefusion Business

Sure MDM Premium

Hexnode Pro


$3.00 /device /mo. (billed annually)

$5.99 /device /mo.

$2.00 /device /mo.

Number of administrators




Advanced Reporting

Remote control





Supports Linux OS



Custom branding


Team communication tools

Admin to device only


Scalefusion Enterprise vs. Sure MDM Enterprise vs. Hexnode Enterprise:

Although Scalefusion, Sure MDM and Hexnode all have "Enterprise" plans, they are each very different in terms of their offerings. Hexnode Enterprise, in particular, is still very limited as it only allows for 3 administrators and does not provide firmware updates. Unlike Scalefusion and Sure MDM, Hexnode does have two higher-level plans that offer more advanced features. Even so, Hexnode has no options that allow for unlimited administrators.

Sure MDM Enterprise is the most expensive option at $8.99 per device per month and includes useful features like mobile threat detection and custom reports.

Scalefusion Enterprise offers a good combination of value and enterprise-level sophistication with unlimited administrators, access to a developer API, and control over role-based access to devices. Scalefusion Enterprise costs just $3.00 per device per month.

Scalefusion Enterprise vs. Sure MDM Enterprise vs. Hexnode Enterprise Comparison:


Scalefusion Enterprise

Sure MDM Enterprise

Hexnode Enterprise


$4.00 /device /mo. (billed annually)

$8.99 /device /mo.

$3.00 /device /mo.

Number of administrators




Custom reports

Role-based access control


Developer API


Mobile threat detection



Firmware updates




Why is mobile device management important?

Mobile device management software helps enforce access control and application guidelines, and gives IT managers central control of devices, including device data, security, and web activity.

How does mobile device management work?

Mobile device management software is a type of security application that is used to track, manage, and secure employees' mobile devices, including smartphones and laptops. The application is used across multiple mobile service providers and across various mobile operating systems being utilized in the business.

What Is Mdm

What does MDM stand for?

MDM stands for mobile device management. Mobile device management is performed in IT departments using specialized software that can secure and monitor employees' devices.

What is MobileIron MDM?

MobileIron is a US-based software company that specializes in security for mobile devices, apps, and cloud services, such as mobile device management (MDM).

What is the price range for mobile device management software?

Mobile device management software can cost anywhere from $2.25 per month to $715.00 per license. Other services charge on a per-user basis.

Are there any mobile device management solutions for Apple devices?

The majority of MDM software is compatible with iOS devices. Airwatch and Soti MobiControl all have mobile device management Apple apps. In a similar vein, mobile device management Android compatibility is standard with most programs.

Can a mobile device manager update devices remotely?

With mobile device management tools, an IT department can remotely manage and update company devices through a central server. This is one of the great convenience features of mobile device management tools because it means employees don't have to turn their devices in for updates.

Does Office 365 mobile device management work with all products or just Microsoft devices?

You can actually use Office 365 with Android, iOS and Windows devices. The software works best with Microsoft mobile device management on a Windows operating system, but the alternative versions are fully functional.

What is Gartner mobile device management?

Gartner does not sell mobile device management software. Gartner is actually a research firm that specializes in researching and rating business software products. Gartner has created reports on the leading mobile device management tools and their research is available to the public.

Does Apple sell mobile device management iOS software?

Apple mobile device management can be performed with most MDM products, but Apple does have a deployment program for businesses called Apple Business Manager. This MDM app is available for download in some countries. Because Apple Business Manager is native to Apple products, Apple mobile device management is a very easy tool to use.

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

What is mobile device lifecycle management?

Mobile device lifecycle management is a type of mobile device management software that monitors and manages devices through their entire lifecycle, from employee onboarding to upgrades and replacements.

What software can be used for mobile device fleet management?

Mobile fleet management tools like Fleetio make it easy for managers to track drivers and send out notifications to people on the road in real time. With fleet MDM tools, all employee mobile devices can be updated and synchronized to improve the flow of information on the road.

Does Meraki mobile device management come with its own MDM server?

When you purchase a Meraki license, part of what you are paying for is the server hardware to operate your software. You can install this server in your business location and run all of your mobile devices off of it.

Open Source Mobile Device Management

What are the best open source mobile device management programs?

  • MicroMDM.
  • Convertigo.
  • OpenMobster.
  • WS02.
  • OneMDM.

What is Airwatch mobile device management?

Airwatch is an MDM service with enhanced security for mobile devices across an entire organization. Airwatch is a popular enterprise solution to monitor mobile devices and prevent data breaches.

Is there a Google mobile device management tool?

Google has a mobile device management product called Advanced Management. The tool is part of Google's G-Suite and can be used across a range of devices, although not all device types are supported. Advanced Management is a great free tool for basic mobile management, especially if your business already uses Gmail.

Are there any free options?

Yes, there are free mobile device management options.