Best International Phone Plans for Small Businesses

See our list of top international phone plans, which includes ranking and frequently asked questions.

Updated on September 19th, 2023

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An international phone plan allows you to be available to your customers worldwide at a more affordable rate. If you are traveling abroad and need to use your phone for business or personal use, it's best to use an international phone plan to avoid paying high fees back home.

Best International Phone Plans:

Our Ranking

Phone Carrier and Plan

Starting Price


T-Mobile Magenta for Business

From $70.00 /mo.


AT&T International Day Pass

$10.00 /day.


Verizon Travel Pass

$10.00 /day.


Pond Mobile International Roaming

$279.00 /mo.


Mint Mobile International Roaming




$25.00 /mo.


Tello Pay As You Go

$6.00 /mo.


Google Fi

$0.20 /min.


Cricket Wireless International

Add on $5.00 or $15.00 /mo. to your normal plan.


Truphone World Plan

Contact for quote.


Can you use your cell phone in a different country?

Yes. If you unlock your phone and put in a SIM card from the country you are traveling in, you can use your phone as normal. If you want to keep your home phone number, you will need to get global roaming or an international phone plan.

What should I do with my cell phone when traveling internationally?

You should check that your phone will work in your destination country and ensure that the phone is unlocked. Check out available international phone plans and sign up to use your phone normally in your destination country.

How do I avoid international roaming charges?

Consider either using an international SIM card from the country you are traveling in or getting an international phone plan.

Who has the best international cell phone service?

What is the best plan for international roaming?

Have a look at Pond Mobile's International Roaming.