Sprint Small Business Cell Phone Plans

Find out more about Sprint small business cell phone plans with pricing, key information, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on December 11th, 2018

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Sprint is a major mobile network provider in the United States that offers a variety of small business cell phone plans to help businesses stay connected in an affordable and reliable way.

Sprint Small Business Cell Phone Plan Pricing:

Plan Name

Starting Price

Business Share Plus

$15.00 /mo. per line

Unlimited Basic

$23.00 /mo. per line


Quote only.

Sprint Key Information:


Cleyson Brown, Jacob Brown




Overland Park, KS


Michel Combes

Phone Number

1 (817) 698-4199


6100 Sprint Pkwy, Overland Park, KS 66211



Sprint Small Business Cell Phone Plans FAQs:

How many phone lines can I have on my Sprint small business account?

Sprint small business plans like "Business Share Plus" can be used for any number of lines, while plans like the "Unlimited Basic" plan can only be used for up to 10 lines. You will probably need to upgrade your Sprint business account if you have a large company.

What is the best way to contact Sprint customer service?

You can call the Sprint business customer service line at 1 (800) 927-2199 if you have questions about your account. You can also go to the My Sprint Business page for more support solutions: ecenter.sprint.com/mysprint.

I have questions about Sprint business plans. Who can I speak with?

You can visit your local sprint dealer, or called the Sprint business sales line at 1 (877) 633-1102 to speak with a sales representative and find the right plan for your business.

What kind of smartphones are available on a Sprint small business plan?

Sprint offers a wide variety of the latest smartphones, including iPhones. You can choose the phone that you want and match it to the plan that works for your business. Some Sprint business phones may incur an extra charge at the time of purchase, so ask a sales manager when you are setting up your Sprint business account.