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Updated on November 26th, 2019

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SolarWinds Web Help Desk is a Free Help Desk Software that offers an intuitive service desk portal, customer survey tools and performance reporting, among other features.


SolarWinds Web Help Desk has a $700.00 starting price.

SolarWinds Review

Pros: Easy to navigate the platform and has a variety of customization options.

Cons: There is a lack of updates and a dated interface.

Bottomline: An intuitively designed platform that is relatively inexpensive.

Key Information:


Donald Yonce, David Yonce




Austin, TX


Kevin Thompson


7171 Southwest Parkway, Bldg 400, Austin, TX, 78735

Phone Number

+1 512-682-9300



Is there a SolarWinds Web Help Desk free trial?

SolarWinds Web Help Desk offers a fully-featured 14-day free trial of its software.

Where is SolarWinds Web Help Desk based?

SolarWinds Web Help Desk is based in Austin, Texas.

What are some SolarWinds Web Help Desk alternatives?

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Aug 31, 2018

Source: Reddit

Solarwinds Web Help Desk has a horrible interface and one-user only for the free version.


Reviewed: Jan 30, 2016

Source: Reddit

We started using Zendesk. It's super easy for my techs to use, and we aren't bogged down by using the system. Previously we used Web Help Desk, but were really disappointed that Solarwinds hasn't improved the reporting in the product. I needed data to justify additional staffing, and Zendesk provides that to us.


Reviewed: Mar 20, 2017

Source: Reddit

Don't hold your breath. SolarWinds is a little lacking in the innovation department.


Reviewed: Mar 20, 2017

Source: Reddit

I've been on the WebHelpDesk train for a couple years. I mean i was... Then i finally clued in that WHD will never be a 2.0 service and will always stay behind it's competitors. Even if you have no intention of leaving, give yourself a chance to do a trial of Zendesk and see how much smoother and simpler it can be done.


Reviewed: Dec 18, 2013


I've used solar winds web help desk and it's horrible.


Reviewed: Apr 05, 2014


We use their IT360 NMS which includes Service Desk Plus, but we also their DesktopCentral for Patching and Desktop/MDM management which fully integrates with ServiceDesk Plus.. good tools and if you speak with them they give good discounts. I'd rate these over Solarwinds products.


Reviewed: Aug 23, 2017


When CRC works, I prefer it over our paid-for Solarwinds MSP Anywhere.