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Updated on April 22nd, 2019

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SysAid is customer service software designed for IT service management (ITSM) that integrates features such as a powerful help desk, IT asset management, and other easy-to-use tools for analyzing and optimizing IT performance. SysAid serves companies of all sizes.

SysAid Pricing:

SysAid's pricing starts at $3,000.00 per year according to our research. SysAid does not provide pricing on their website.

Sysaid Reviews
SysAid Review:

Pros: Advanced features, yet simple and flexible. Good UI and UX. Customizable. Strong customer support.

Cons: Tickets take quite a while to open at times.

Bottomline: This comprehensive ITSM solution enables central control over all IT operations, including the service desk.

SysAid Key Information:


Israel Lifshitz




Airport City, Central District


Sarah Lahav

Number of Employees


Number of Customers

More than 10,000


1 (800) 686-7047


1 HaYarden Street, Airport City, 70100 Israel


SysAid News & Activity:


News or Activity

November 20, 2018

IT Software Startup SysAid Raises $30 Million

SysAid FAQs:

Is there a SysAid free trial?

Yes. You can access your 30-day free trial on SysAid's homepage.

Where can I find the SysAid login?

Visit and log in at the top right of the page.

What are some SysAid alternatives?

SysAid Reviews:



e2346437 -

I implemented it a few years ago for an organization. It's not really a PSA at all, just a helpdesk and ticketing system. Not really suited for MSP use.

Rivia -

Avoid it. I've used it and you can't bill from it. It's more useful for enterprise companies.

bayliner -

We use SySaid and have done for years. I'ts a great package, however the remote functionality is not ideal. It's difficult to use and unreliable at times. I would stick with Teamviewer if that was your current choice. It is going to be a much easier and more reliable product.

elemist -

I've used it previously as a service desk and asset management tool and loved it. Brilliant service desk product, completely customizable and easy to use.

Jason Cherkas -

In my past company we used the free version of SysAid close to when it was first released to replace our Outlook public folder. We had less than 100 users and it enhanced the efficiency of our small IT group. We were able to handle issues better with a full featured application and users were able to login and see what the status of their ticket was. In my current company we had been using another help desk ticket system for a few years that was meeting our needs but the cost of the yearly renewal and features started to cause us to look for a new product. We wanted a system that was easy to use and gave us a better way to open and close tickets. All IT staff have Blackberry smartphones and our current application did not have a nice way to update tickets. This delayed the completion of old tickets and handling of new ones. After looking at a few products we tested and purchased SysAid’s Pro Plus Edition. The setup was quick and we were able to duplicate our categories and subcategories with ease. The switch over for our users was invisible because they send an email to a Help Desk email address. The IT staff quickly became pros at using the new application. We installed the SysAid Blackberry client and our ticket count and time to close incidents decreased dramatically. I even installed the free SysAid application for my iPad. The integration with the Outlook calendar has helped us remember issues that need our attention in the future. The asset module has helped us track software and equipment better than we have been able to before. The ability to remote control a workstation has helped save time for the IT staff since we are on multiple floors. I would recommend SysAid to anyone looking for an easy to use Help Desk application.