Best San Francisco Payroll Services

Discover the best payroll services in San Franciso, along with contact information. Includes answers to common questions & info for doing payroll locally.

Updated on December 21st, 2023

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San Francisco payroll companies support small businesses in the area to focus on servicing local residents and visitors while getting professionals to handle payroll. Our list will direct you to the best payroll services near you.

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Top San Francisco Payroll Services:

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Phone Number


A&K Tax and Consulting Services

(415) 860-6288


SFBay Financial LLC

(415) 702-3545


Ted Dubasik CPA

(415) 670-9272


Aigul CPA & Associates

(415) 334-0156


The William Shine Company Inc.

(415) 346-7546


BizVisory & Wellness LLC

(415) 855-0937


Integra Payroll & Business Solutions

(415) 882-9388



(415) 295-4565


Duan Wei-Maynez CPA

(415) 955-9009


Payroll Resource Group

(415) 249-4000


What are the best small business payroll service providers in San Francisco?

  • A&K Tax and Consulting Services.
  • SFBay Financial LLC.
  • Ted Dubasik CPA.
  • Aigul CPA & Associates.
  • The William Shine Company Inc.
  • BizVisory & Wellness LLC.
  • Integra Payroll & Business Solutions.
  • NomersBiz.
  • Duan Wei-Maynez CPA.
  • Payroll Resource Group.

What do payroll processing services in San Francisco cost?

Payroll services in San Francisco generally cost between $19.00 and $200.00 per month, depending on taxes, how often you run payroll, and the number of employees, among other factors.

What should I know about doing payroll in San Francisco?

  • In San Francisco, individuals pay a Payroll Expense Tax and a Gross Receipts Tax for income derived from work conducted and services rendered within the city.
  • Regarding state income tax, California residents are required to pay a state income tax that increases as income increases. The tax rates range between 1% and 12.3%, with higher rates available for businesses with high-income levels.
  • A city income tax of 1.5% on earned income is imposed on residents of San Francisco. This tax is imposed on non-residents who work in San Francisco as well. Employers are liable for paying the city income tax, not employees.
  • Another important factor that comes into play when you do payroll in San Francisco, is that no tip credit is allowed.