A detailed review of eReleases' press release distribution services with pricing, comparisons to competitors, key info, and FAQs.

Updated on April 4th, 2024

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eReleases provides targeted press release distribution services to journalists, news sites, websites, bloggers, social networks, and wire services. The platform optimizes press releases for all major search engines and provides detailed distribution reports.

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eReleases Press Release Service

The oldest authentic press release newswire.

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Distributes to top media.

100k subscribed journalists.

Custom U.S. national PR Newswire distribution.




Starting price

$399.00 /release.

Easy order process

National distribution


Same-day distribution


Customer support

Phone, email, and live chat.


eReleases is a costly but fast and reliable press wire service with excellent reach. Their alliance with PR Newswire offers small businesses access to public relations services, including press release writing and targeted distribution. However, competitors like EIN Presswire and 24-7 Press Release Newswire provide similar features at a more affordable price.


  • eReleases offers custom nationwide distribution to news outlets, media sites, journalists, and bloggers.
  • Businesses can target specific industries for maximum reach.
  • All plans include detailed reports with proof of distribution.
  • Accounts are managed by an editor with a background in journalism.
  • Users can add up to two images to their press releases, with the option to add embedded images at an additional cost.
  • Press releases are not sent to generic email addresses but directly to an exclusive network of journalists.


  • The platform's services are costlier than those of several competitors.
  • Press release writing services and embedded images cost extra.
  • Discounts are only available to PR firms.


On G2, less than a dozen users gave the platform a 4-star rating, citing robust distribution exposure, responsive customer service, and user-friendly interface as highlights.

On Trustpilot, eReleases has a 4.7-star rating based on more than 50 reviews, with several users noting its ease of use and intuitive services. However, one reviewer mentioned its costly plans.




Buzz Builder

$399.00 /release.


$499.00 /release.

PR Pro

$699.00 /release.

Add On: Additional Words


Add On: Local Saturation


Add On: Cision Influencer List


Add On: Additional Industry Target List(s)

$150.00 /list.

Add On: Embedding Images

$150.00 /image.

Add On: International Distribution

$150.00 /country.

Add On: Embedding YouTube Videos

$200.00 /video.

Add On: Press Release Writing


*New customers save 30% on their first purchase. Companies can contact the platform via phone for information on its bulk press release plans.

eReleases vs. EIN Presswire
eReleases vs. EIN Presswire:

eReleases offers comprehensive newswire distribution and submission to a large pool of journalists for between $399.00 and $699.00 per release. With a starting price of $99.95 per release, EIN Presswire is the more affordable choice and places releases on its site, as well as all major search engines and news sites.

Comparison Between eReleases and EIN Presswire:



EIN Presswire


From $399.00 /release.

From $99.95 /release.

AI press release generator


National distribution

✓ (via PR Newswire)

Distribution reports


Up to 2 /release.

1-5 images /release with Pro, Pro+, and Corporate plans.

Customer support

Phone, email, and live chat.

Phone and email.

eReleases vs. 24-7 Press Release Newswire
eReleases vs. 24-7 Press Release Newswire:

Compared to eReleases, 24-7 Press Release Newswire is the more affordable choice with a starting price of $29.00 per release. However, eReleases has a staff of editors — not salespeople — who can provide valuable insight and advice to get news read and published, which 24-7 Press Release Newswire lacks.

Comparison Between eReleases and 24-7 Press Release Newswire:



24-7 Press Release Newswire


From $399.00 /release.

From $29.00 /release.

National distribution

Distribution to journalists, bloggers, etc.

Same-day distribution



1 /release.


Customer support

Phone, email, and live chat.

Phone and email.

eReleases vs. PRWeb
eReleases vs. PRWeb:

PRWeb and eReleases offer a similar feature profile, including same-day distribution and embedded media. While PRWeb has a more affordable starting price of $110.00 per release, its basic plan is quite limited, and users may look to the Advanced plan ($325.00 per release) for access to features similar to those of eReleases' basic plan.

Comparison Between eReleases and PRWeb:





From $399.00 /release.

From $110.00 /release.

National distribution

Distribution to journalists, bloggers, etc.

Distribution reports

Customer support

Phone, email, and live chat.

Phone and online.

eReleases Packages:

Buzz Builder Package.

This package offers custom national distribution via PR Newswire, reaching hundreds of newsrooms, more than 60 media sites, and subscribing journalists. It also offers SEO enhancements. The word limit is 400 words, and users get one industry target to reach the right audience.

Newsmaker Package.

This plan includes all the Buzz Builder features but includes a 500-word limit, and users get two industry targets.

PR Pro Package.

This plan includes all the Newsmaker features as well as direct emails to journalists. The word limit is 600 words, and users get three industry targets.

Key Information:

Legal Name

MEK Enterprises LLC


Mickey Kennedy

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1998


5024 Campbell Blvd., Ste. D, Baltimore, MD 21236

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (800) 710-5535



What is eReleases?

eReleases is a press release distribution service. The platform offers custom nationwide distribution to news outlets, media sites, journalists, bloggers, and more.

What is eReleases' pricing?

eReleases' pricing ranges between $399.00 and $699.00 per release.

Is eReleases legit?

eReleases is a reputable press release distribution company with 23 years of experience and a distribution network that comprises more than 900,000 journalists, over 700,000 bloggers and influencers, and just under 5,000 syndicated submission sites.

Where can I find eReleases reviews?

Read our in-depth review of eReleases.

Where is eReleases located?

eReleases' headquarters is situated in Baltimore, Maryland.