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Updated on February 11th, 2019

eReleases provides targeted press release distribution services to journalists, global news sites, websites, bloggers, social networks, media influencers and wire services. eReleases is a traditional press release distribution company that focuses primarily on sending press releases to journalists.

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eReleases Reviews
eReleases Review:

Pros: Each release gets sent to about 250 media sites. Good, personalized customer service.

Cons: Could be a bit costly for smaller businesses.

Bottomline: Submit your press releases effortlessly and have them sent to relevant individuals journalists, bloggers, websites and more.

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eReleases FAQs:

What is eReleases's price range?

eReleases's pricing ranges between $299.00 and $499.00 at a time.

Is there an eReleases free trial?

eReleases offers a free service that you can access at the top right of their homepage.

Where can I find the eReleases login?

Visit and log in at the top right of the page.

What are some eReleases alternatives?

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eReleases Reviews:



admin -

The ideal press release distribution service can offer your small business using journalists and websites, which you may not have the ability to otherwise reach on your own. We recommend eReleases, because we think they give the ideal mix of supply to traditional and online websites for the price.

Jay Soriano -

I’ve always used eReleases. They’re simple, much more of an ecommerce model, and you can send out a release relatively quickly without requesting a quote or talking to a sales team. Even though they’re no-followed, they do have a large distribution, and I did have a few smaller websites pick up my news and write about it. Bang for buck, they offer the best distribution at the best price.

richardDNA -

I don't usually take the time to write out reviews of any type, but I was so blown away that I feel like I have to share. I had a press release I wanted to get out there and was referred to eReleases for distribution. Their service looked similar enough to other options, the pricing was reasonable and their website was easy enough to use—so I went with their basic $199.00 distribution package. I honestly thought it would run on the agreed date, and that would be the end of our conversation. Not exactly. I signed up late November for the release to run early December. Over that week I got a number of nice emails welcoming me, and three separate personal phone calls making sure I understood when the PR would run and what I could expect. A little unexpected for a little distribution site, but nothing crazy yet. Then, a couple days before release, I got an email with a couple suggestions on linking to my website in the PR and a complete rewrite of its headline to better grab people's attention. Now I'm really impressed. I figure sites like this make money by getting as many press releases out there as possible and I didn't expect anyone to actually bother reading it to make sure it was good. So, the press release runs and we get a little press from it. Nothing huge but we saw some new app downloads and considered it a success.Two weeks later I get a letter in the mail with the first page a pretty standard thank you, but the 2nd page was front and back handwritten thoughts and ideas about we might go about writing our next press release. Someone actually took the time to understand what my app does and provide real substantial thoughts about how we could discuss it. This took TIME. And why? Our business was pretty much complete at this point.THEN I got this box in the mail with a writing book, a magazine and some random little trinkets. How cool? Frankly I'm kind of confused as to how they can afford this time and money investment in some random customer but I'm seriously blown away.

djazzie -

I've been using eReleases for several years now and have always been satisfied. For about half price of the official PR Newswire, you get the same US1 distribution. I've never had any real success on either PRWeb or BusinessWire, though my understanding is that BW is good to use when you're a public company.

skmurphy -

My experience has been that eReleases is a cost-effective vehicle for getting the word out (I have no relationship to them other than as a customer). Part of the variance in our different outcomes may be due to market focus and differences in content of the release. Mass emailing reporters you have no relationship with strikes me as a poor way to make a first impression: I would spend the same time cultivating relationships with a key set of reporters who write for an audience likely to be interested in your company or product. The risk to me in the blog post is that you are suggesting to technical startup entrepreneurs that they can code their way out of developing some necessary relationships with bloggers and reporters.

SwellJoe -

I've used eReleases to reasonable effect, but it seems to be a nebulous field with no one listing prices or describing services rendered very well.