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Learn about PRWeb’s media distribution service for businesses. Includes info on PRWeb, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on May 15th, 2019

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PRWeb is a media distribution platform for businesses. PRWeb’s solutions include online coverage, search visibility and PR services. Businesses can use PRWeb to distribute media and increase visibility online.

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PRWeb Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Pricing









PRWeb Review:

Pros: Great press release distribution reports and extremely easy to use.

Cons: The user interface does not have spellcheck and autosave features.

Bottomline: Superb solution that streamlines press release operations.

PRWeb Key Information:


Dave McInnis

Year Founded



Betsville, Maryland


Kevin Akeroyd (Cision)

Number of Employees



1 (866) 640-6397


12051 Indian Creek Court, Betsville, MD 20705, USA



What is PRWeb’s price range?

PRWeb plans range from $99.00 to $389.00 per month.

Is there a PRWeb free trial?

Unfortunately no free trial is available for PRWeb.

Where can I find the PRWeb login?

You can go to and find the “Login” at the top right corner of the homepage.

What are some PRWeb alternatives?

Reviews of PRWeb:



Jessica Gomez -

My agency bought a subscription to PRWeb last year because there were several potential client cost benefits. There were several features that sold me on their service. Overall I would say dealing with the execution of their service was like dealing with the amateur hour of newswire services. We took a loss and stopped using them mid-year and had one of our clients specifically request not to use them for their account. Stick with MarketWire, PRNewswire and BusinessWire. I prefer BusinessWire, but I've used them all in various releases and they all have their benefits.

Robert Bethune -

I think that it's an excellent idea and that they are definitely on the right track when it comes down to marketing and discovering your target audience. I give them 2 thumbs up.

JoAnn Forrester -

Great idea. Good service. I use it for several of my services. I use it for several of my clients and will be using it for my talkshow...The Empress of Biz.

Terry Sachetti -

I had a contract ending, and I had two press releases left to get out. So I rushed and put one out, then 4 days prior to the end of the contract I created the last press release. Realizing that it would end up going on a Monday morning, I called and asked if I could get it released on a Wed, a two day grace period. Brittany my rep calls and says I am sorry you lost your last press release due to the contract ending but would be more than happy to let it go out if I bought another contract or renewed the one that just expired. Why would I even ponder a new contract when I felt like I was just screwed over by losing my last press release?