Compare NEOGOV to Workday Payroll, UKG Pro, and TriNet Zenefits. Includes a detailed review of NEOGOV and answers to common questions.

Updated on February 18th, 2022

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Updated 16th of February 2022

We updated mentions of Zenefits to TriNet Zenefits.

Updated 19th of November 2021

We updated the review format and added comparisons to Workday Payroll, UKG Pro, and Zenefits.

NEOGOV is a human resources and payroll solutions provider. NEOGOV's software products are designed for public sector businesses and encompass multiple software modules for managing the entire employee lifecycle.

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NEOGOV does not make pricing readily available online. Interested individuals can contact NEOGOV to request a quote.


NEOGOV offers software solutions for recruitment, employee training and development, and payroll. The Manage Module, which is NEOGOV's HR and payroll solution, helps organizations manage employee data, payroll, and benefits. It also includes time and attendance features and an employee self-service portal.

The software is not suitable for all businesses as it is designed for the public sector and educational organizations specifically. Business owners in the private sector will rather want to look at platforms such as Gusto and TriNet Zenefits for comprehensive HR and payroll solutions.


  • The payroll software integrates with any general ledger or accounting suite.
  • Users can automate time and attendance tracking processes.
  • The benefit administration tools integrate seamlessly with payroll.
  • Personnel files can be digitized and stored in a secure document repository.
  • The recruitment module helps organizations accelerate the time to hire.
  • NEOGOV offers free customer support and training.


  • The software is not suitable for businesses in the private sector.
  • NEOGOV does not make pricing readily available online.


NEOGOV is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. NEOGOV's talent management suite was reviewed more than 70 times on G2 and given a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Users were generally very satisfied with the product and hardly had anything to complain about. One user suggested the software has a bit of a learning curve.




Automated taxes

Direct deposit

Time tracking

Compliance management

Benefits administration

Employee database

Employee self-service portal

NEOGOV vs. Workday Payroll
NEOGOV vs. Workday Payroll:

Workday Payroll is comparable to NEOGOV's Manage software module. Both provide payroll processing tools along with time and attendance features. Unlike NEOGOV, Workday Payroll is not limited to public sector organizations. Workday Payroll also offers more convenient features, including pay on-demand, mobile access, and intelligent automation.

NEOGOV vs. Workday Payroll Comparison:



Workday Payroll

Automated tax

Time and attendance

Direct deposits

Employee self-service portal

Mobile access



While NEOGOV offers different software modules that can be obtained as a bundle or individually, UKG Pro is an all-in-one human capital management solution. Compared to NEOGOV, UKG Pro offers a few more features, including mobile access. However, the major difference between the two is that, unlike UKG Pro, NEOGOV caters only to the public sector.

NEOGOV vs. UKG Pro Comparison:




Automated tax

Time and attendance

Direct deposits

Employee self-service portal

Mobile access


NEOGOV vs. TriNet Zenefits
NEOGOV vs. TriNet Zenefits:

TriNet Zenefits, like NEOGOV, offers HR and payroll software solutions. However, while NEOGOV offers products uniquely designed for public sector organizations, TriNet Zenefits is suitable for any public or private sector company. Both feature time and attendance, performance management, and benefits administration tools.

NEOGOV vs. TriNet Zenefits Comparison:



TriNet Zenefits

Automated tax

Time and attendance

Direct deposits

Employee self-service portal

Mobile access


Key Information:

Legal Name, Inc.


Damir Davidovic

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2000


222 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Ste. 2000, El Segundo, CA 90245

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



1 (866) 636-4681



What is NEOGOV used for?

NEOGOV offers human resources software solutions for public sector organizations. The software is used to organize and manage employee data, training and development, payroll processes, time and attendance, and more.

Who uses NEOGOV?

NEOGOV is used by public sector and educational organizations, such as the city of Dallas, Santa Clara county, Illinois Central College, and others.

What kind of system is NEOGOV?

NEOGOV offers a software system for managing the entire employee lifecycle.

What does NEOGOV cost?

NEOGOV does not make pricing readily available online. Interested users should contact them to request a quote.