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Learn more about National Tenant Network tenant screening services with pricing, key information, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on March 3rd, 2020

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National Tenant Network provides tenant screening services, such as credit and background checks, to help property owners and real estate agents find quality tenants.

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4.5 billion records spanning 50+ years.

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National Tenant Network charges $10.00 per search for an NTN Tenant Performance Report. NTN DecisionPoint, which reviews a candidate's background, costs $20.00 per search, while a Lifetime Membership will cost you a one-time fee of $35.00. For a detailed quote, call 1 (800) 228-0989.

Key Information:


Edward Byczynski




Lake Oswego, Oregon

Number of Employees

51-200 employees


Edward Byczynski


5755 SW Jean Rd, Suite 200, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

Phone Number

1 (800) 228-0989



How much does National Tenant Network cost?

National Tenant Network does not disclose pricing on their website, but according to our research, a standalone report starts at $10.00 per search.

What does an NTN report show?

Depending on the product you purchase, an NTN report reviews an applicant's background and provides detailed information on their creditworthiness, history of evictions, and past lease violations, if any.

What type of tenant screening services does National Tenant Network offer?

  • Applicant screening
  • Credit reports.
  • Background checks.
  • Eviction history.
  • Past lease violations.
  • Verification services.
  • Record consolidation.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Jan 25, 2013

Source: Reddit

We use National Tenant Network, It's great because it gives previous addresses (for confirming rental history) and eviction history (if applicable) from public records, as well as the usual credit limits and past-due debts.

Christopher Gilbert

Reviewed: Dec 01, 2014

Source: BiggerPockets

For background screening I recommend National Tenant Network ( or RentPrep ( Both of these services will perform a state and national criminal background search as well as rental history (eviction)/credit check. For about $35 per person they will do a full background check as well as give you a rating and recommendation. If they reject the candidate they also provide a notification that you can give to the applicant which is very important because it gets you out of the liability of being the one that rejects the candidate.


Reviewed: Aug 17, 2013

Source: Reddit

National Tenant Network is my go-to. It's pulled up things that other sites have missed.


Reviewed: Nov 12, 2013

Source: Reddit

I have used National Tenant Network ( since 2010 and get instantaneous reports credit/criminal (nationwide) for about $28 per applicant. Also gives you the ability to check-in/check-out tenants so you can add to their database and see if they stiffed the last landlord.


Reviewed: Feb 07, 2019

Source: Reddit

National Tenant Network, I've used them for 10+ years and have been very happy with the service.