Tenant Tracks Review

Learn about Tenant Tracks' tenant screening services for small businesses. Includes info on Tenant Tracks, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on March 3rd, 2020

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Tenant Tracks offers tenant screening services to help realtors and property owners select suitable candidates. Tenant Tracks' offerings include comprehensive reports, access to their tenant rental performance database, and complimentary property management forms.





$25.99 /report + $35.00 /yr. compliance fee

Open Access

$35.00 /report

Tenant Tracks

Pros: User-friendly and comprehensive. Optimum-10 provides access to reports within 30 seconds.

Cons: Optimum-10 users pay an unarchiving fee to view reports older than 6 months.

Bottomline: Tenant Tracks provides detailed screening information that lets clients choose suitably qualified tenants.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Tenant Tracks, Inc.


Bob DeCosmo

Founding Date

Feb 01, 2010


161 N Main St, Waterbury, CT 06702

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





1 (888) 610-4710




What is Tenant Tracks' price range?

Tenant Tracks' Optimum-10 plan costs $25.99 per report plus an annual compliance fee of $35.00. Optimum-10 reports are stored on Tenant Tracks' server for 60 days. To access the report thereafter, users must pay a $7.50 fee. Tenant Tracks' Open Access plan costs $35.00 per report, which can be billed to the account holder or the prospective tenant.

Is there a Tenant Tracks free trial?

Tenant Tracks makes no mention of a free trial on their website.

Customer Reviews:

Sal Morello

Reviewed: Apr 09, 2019

Source: Facebook

After using a couple of national tenant screening software over the past couple years, today I used Tenant Tracks for the first time. The data that was provided to me blows national screening companies out of the water. I found it helpful to get the actual credit score, instead of picking a minimum to be above. Also, criminal and traffic records for my local area were listed.

This is the only Tenant Screening software I will use from now on.

Barbara Kelleher

Reviewed: Feb 20, 2014

Source: Facebook

Tenant Tracks could be the difference between leasing to a terrific tenant, or a nightmare that could land you in court -- or worse. If you, or someone you know, owns property for rent, Tenant Tracks' contact info should be the first thing you grab, before even considering a new tenant. Their experience makes them your #1 choice for background checks!

Scott Rishar

Reviewed: Oct 25, 2017

Source: Facebook

Been using it for years. It has literally saving my business by providing me and my clients a systematic process for making informed decisions about who I rent to. 10 Stars!

Robert DeCosmo

Reviewed: Jul 23, 2017

Source: Facebook

Only tenant screening service that I recommend to all my friends who own rental property!

Michael Noto

Reviewed: Dec 20, 2015

Source: BiggerPockets

I have used Tenant Tracks and iCreditvision. Both provide a full credit, eviction, criminal check and are easy to use.