View SmartMove's tenant screening service. Includes info on SmartMove, pricing information, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on May 13th, 2020

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SmartMove is TransUnion's tenant screening service for property owners who aren’t property management professionals. Their patented product enables your potential tenants to make credit reports directly visible to you, which allows credit screening while protecting consumer information.

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Chicago, Illinois


Christopher Cartwright

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555 W Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois 62249

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+1 866-775-0961


Customer Reviews:



danmalek466 -

I highly recommend TransUnion SmartMove for background checks. It is ~$30 fee, but I make prospect pay. If they are Recommended by SmartMove, I take the fee off their first month rent.

Chi Nguyen -

I ended up using SmartMove and found the process very easy -- just create your account, and send an invite to your tenant applicant and they fill out all the paperwork on their own, and you get the report within minutes of them turning in their application to the website! They don't give you the applicant's actual credit score, but they give you a resident score, which SmartMove believes is the most important thing you could have -- it is their measurement of whether or not the tenant will pay on time, be reliable, etc... I liked it so far!

Lisa Von Domek -

I can highly recommend TransUnion SmartMove if you are looking for another tenant screening/reporting company - I have used them for years, they are phenomenal and never a delayed report.

songhua -

TransUnion's SmartMove is always a good starting point. From my experience, it is better than similar service by Experian and Equifax. If a credit score / report is not enough, you can also verify tenant employment and income.

Laser45 -

I use TransUnion Smartmove. I like it as applicants log onto their website directly and pay the fee, so I don't need to deal with checks, or having rejected tenants coming to me for application fee refunds (I only charge as an application fee, the Transunion Fee).


How much does SmartMove cost?

SmartMove's pricing ranges between $25.00 and $40.00 per screening.

See SmartMove's full list of prices for more.

Is SmartMove safe?

Yes. SmartMove protects your potential tenants' consumer information while enabling you to screen them.

See customer reviews to learn more.