Knime Reviews, Pricing, Ratings and FAQs

Learn about Knime's free, open source data analytics solution for small businesses. Includes info on Knime, free trials, pricing, reviews and FAQs

Updated on February 25th, 2019

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Knime is a free and open data analytics platform for small businesses. Features include analytics platform, extension, integrations, and server. Businesses use Knime to understand data and design data science workflows.

Knime Pricing:

Knime is a free, open-source platform.

Knime Review:

Pros: Handles large quantities of data. Easily integrates with cloud and data environments.

Cons: Some tools not easy to use. Can drain memory.

Bottomline: For small businesses delving into harnessing data, Knime is a good option. It is free and capable at processing large quantities of data.

Knime News & Activity:

There is no recent Knime news or activity to report at this time.

Knime Key Information:


Michael Berthold




Zurich, Switzerland


Michael Berthold


Technopark strasse, 18005, Zurich, Switzerland


Knime FAQs:

Is there a Knime free trial?

Knime is a free, open-source platform.

Where can I find the Knime login?

Knime does not have "login" facilities.

What are some Knime alternatives?

Knime Reviews:



telchar -

Knime can be a powerful tool but for sharing work I think it's unnecessarily painful.

iagovar -

Try Knime. It it easy to understand at first sight. Specially for people with low programming skills.

cashsterling -

Knime is worth learning as a tool in your toolbox. A growing number of companies, big and small, are using graphical (node-based) programming platforms for linking algorithms together to form data handling and workflows. We use Knime at work and it is fairly useful; it will become the platform for some of our internal data science products. Is something like Knime required? No. But is it helpful if used properly.

beginner_ -

Knime is very helpful especially with the data cleaning part which in my opinion is rather lacking and confusing. The great advantage here of Knime is you can just run and see the results quickly and nicely.