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Learn about Thoughtspot’s data analytics service for businesses. Includes info on Thoughtspot, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on April 22nd, 2019

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Thoughtspot is a business intelligence and data analytics platform for businesses. Thoughtspot’s solutions include an automatic search index, best-fit visualizations and query performance optimizer. Businesses can use Thoughtspot to guide their search experience in real time.

Thoughtspot Pricing:

Thoughtspot does not list pricing on their website. You can contact Thoughtspot here to get a tailored quote based on your business needs.

Thoughtspot Reviews
Thoughtspot Review:

Pros: User interface is easy to use with fantastic report generation.

Cons: Importing data can get a little complicated.

Bottomline: Great platform that efficiently manages data analytics.

Thoughtspot News & Activity:


News or Activity

November 14, 2018

ThoughtSpot Announces SearchIQ for Natural Language Processing In Analytics

September 8, 2018

ThoughtSpot Raised $145M More To Target Tableau As It Barrels To IPO

Thoughtspot Key Information:


Ajeet Singh and Amit Prakash

Year Founded



Palo Alto, California


Sudheesh Nair


1 (800) 508-7008


1 Palo Alto Square, Building 1, Palo Alto, California 94306, USA


Thoughtspot FAQs:

Is there a Thoughtspot free trial?

A demo is available here. You will need to furnish some personal and business details. No credit card is required.

Where can I find the Thoughtspot login?

There is no login capability on the Thoughtspot website. You will acquire login details once you have registered for their products.

What are some Thoughtspot alternatives?

Reviews of Thoughtspot:



edbernier -

ThoughtSpot allows companies to reach non-BI savvy business users through an interface they are comfortable with ... search. Of course, they also marry that with a lightning fast engine that returns results against detail data in 200 Millisecs or less. Regarding support. Most clients get up and running in under 3 weeks. It's an appliance. You do a small amount of setup which includes loading data, defining primary and foreign key relationships and then renaming fields to be more user friendly. There are no aggregate tables to build, no indexes to create (the system builds those automatically) and there's great reporting through the search interface regarding what users are doing and how the system is behaving.