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Updated on November 9th, 2023

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Jira Align (formerly Chartio) is a business intelligence software platform that can gather and analyze data. Jira Align is cloud-based, so users can access it anywhere to see real-time insights about their business.


Jira Align does not list full pricing on its website. However, interested users can view a price estimate on the website. Those interested in a more detailed quote can contact Jira Align's support services.

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Pros: Drag-and-drop data visualization tools. Alerts for tracking important metrics.

Cons: No dashboard usage statistics.

Bottomline: Jira Align is a strong business analytics platform, but it has a steep learning curve for new users.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Atlassian Pty Ltd.


Mike Cannon-Brookes

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2002


Level 6, 341 George St., Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





011 61 2 9262 1443




What is Jira Align's price range?

Jira Align's prices range from $400.00 to $900.00 per month. If you're interested in an Enterprise plan, you can contact Jira Align for a quote.

Is there a Jira Align free trial?

No, Jira Align does not offer a free trial.

What data sources can I use with Jira Align?

Possible Jira Align data sources include popular databases like Amazon Redshift, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Chartio also supports dozens of other database connections.

Are there any alternatives to Jira Align?

What are the differences between Jira Align and Tableau?

Jira Align and Tableau both have powerful data analysis tools, but most users report that Jira Align has a much more intuitive user interface. Users who do not have a strong background in data science may struggle to get the most out of Tableau.