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Learn more about Sisense business intelligence software. Includes pricing, reviews, key information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on June 30th, 2020

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Sisense is a business intelligence software solution for small to medium-sized organizations. Sisense allows business owners to derive valuable insights from complex data using innovative business analytics.


Plan Name

Monthly Pricing

Standard Plan

$83.00 per employee.

Professional Plan

$160.00 for unlimited employees.

Tableau Creator

$70.00 per employee.

Tableau Explorer (on-premise)

$35.00 per employee.

Tableau Explorer (cloud)

$42.00 per employee.

Tableau Viewer (on-premise)

$12.00 per employee.

Tableau Viewer (cloud)

$15.00 per employee.

Sisense Reviews

Pros: Flexible, intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful reporting, fast dashboards, great presentation tools.

Cons: Costly software, limitations in the Elasticube.

Bottomline: Ideal for small businesses that want to manage data models centrally and develop dashboards.

Key Information:


Aviad Harell, Guy Boyangu




New York, NY

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



Amir Orad


1359 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018

Phone Number

+1 646-432-1507



What is the price range for Sisense software?

The Sisense pricing model is divided into seven pricing plans. For one to 20 users, Sisense pricing for the Standard Plan starts at $83.00 per employee per month, while the Professional Plan costs $160.00 per month for an unlimited number of users. Other Sisense products, including Tableau Creation, Tableau Explorer, and Tableau Viewer, range between $12.00 and $70.00 per employee, per month, depending on your BI needs.

What is Sisense?

Sisense analytics software allows businesses to instantly create insights from complex data. The company offers a complete business analytics platform that gathers and cleans data and creates interactive visual analytics via innovative dashboards. The software provides instant insights using a wide range of intelligent functions, enabling business owners to take action as fast as possible.

What are Sisense connectors?

Sisense connectors allow you to easily combine data from multiple 3rd-party sources. These built-in connectors are able to combine all present and future data quickly and easily and transform it into valuable insights. This unique database is known as the Sisense Elasticube, which is specially designed to handle extensive querying required by business intelligence apps.


What is Sisense SSO?

Sisense Sign-On, or Sisense SSO, is a mechanism that allows a system to authenticate users, allowing them to access the platform without having to enter separate login details.

Which business intelligence software should I choose, Sisense or Tableau?

Both Sisense and Tableau are highly rated business intelligence software options with competitive pricing and similar functionality. You might want to try a free trial of each platform to help you make a decision.

Is Sisense open source?

No. Sisense is not open source, however, the software can be developed and used by non-developers. Sisense claims that the total overall cost of their BI software is still lower compared to open-source BI platforms with the same functionality if you include hardware, software, and services. Developers can find Sisense API documentation under Online Documentation on the Sisense homepage.

What is the Sisense embedding solution and how do I use it?

Businesses are able to embed Sisense dashboards on websites or applications that are not Sisense-enabled. This allows you to customize the dashboard and widget and control what aspects of it are displayed.

Where can I search for Sisense careers?

Go to and click on Careers in the footer of the homepage. You can also check out employee reviews on the Sisense Glassdoor webpage.

What is the Sisense NYC contact number?

You contact Sisense on 1 (646) 432-1507.

Who owns Sisense?

Sisense was created in 2004 by by Elad Israeli, Eldad Farkash, Aviad Harell, Guy Boyangu and Adi Azaria.

What are some Sisense alternatives?