Tableau Server Reviews, Pricing Info and FAQs

Find out more about Tableau Server with customer reviews, pricing information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on July 2nd, 2020

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Tableau Server is a business intelligence platform that can gather and visualize data from multiple sources. Tableau Server stores information on the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere.


Plan Name

Monthly Price

Tableau Creator

$70.00 per user

Tableau Explorer

$35.00 per user

Tableau Viewer

$12.00 per user

Tableau Server Reviews

Pros: Import and analyze CSV files. Drag and drop data sets for visualization.

Cons: Customers complain that this product has a very steep learning curve.

Bottomline: Tableau Server is a capable and well-equipped business intelligence platform that works best for analysts and technically-minded users.

Key Information:


Christian Chabot, Chris Stolte, Pat Hanrahan




Seattle, WA

Number of Employees



Adam Selipsky


1621 N 34th St. Seattle, WA 98103

Phone Number

+1 206-633-3400


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News or Activity

May 8, 2019

Acquisitions and subscriptions claimed to be paying off for Tableau


What is the price range for Tableau software?

Tableau Server's cost for on-premise and cloud solutions range in price from $12.00 to $70.00 per user per month.

Where can I find the Tableau Server download?

You can download Tableau Server at You can also find the latest Tableau Server upgrade on this page, or locate previous versions.

What is Tableau Server performance monitoring?

Performance monitoring is a feature that is built into the Tableau software. You can use the performance monitor to see the speed and efficiency of your online server.

What is the use of Tableau Server?

The Tableau Server is used to share the workbooks and visualizations developed in the Tableau Desktop application.

How do I access Tableau Server?

  1. Go to the Tableau Desktop and select Server > Sign In.
  2. Enter the name or address of your Tableau server.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Enter your username and password.
  5. Click Sign In.
  6. Select the one you want to use if you have access to multiple sites.

Are there any alternatives to Tableau Server?

Tableau Desktop Vs Server

What is the difference between Tableau Desktop and Server?

Tableau Server can be accessed through your web browser, but Tableau Desktop needs to be installed on a computer. Tableau Desktop comes with more features but is limited in terms of access points.