Best Free Email Marketing Services

Learn more about the best free email marketing services for small businesses. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on February 2nd, 2023

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Free email marketing services allow businesses to connect with their customers and communicate on a regular basis without having to pay for other expensive marketing channels. Free email marketing platforms allow users to create professional and effective email campaigns in just minutes.

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Our Pick

Hubspot Email Marketing

Top-notch email marketing. FREE.

Get Hubspot Email

Drag and drop editor.

Easy email scheduling.

Integrated with Hubspot's free CRM.

Why We Chose Hubspot:

Hubspot is our top-ranked free CRM software and is a comprehensive marketing and sales platform. It also offers a high level of customization with its CRM system, marketing hub, and sales hub.

Hubspot offers a wide range of CRM features, all of which are available on the Marketing Hub Free Plan. With the free plan, users can send up to 2,000 emails per month, manage ads, and access team emails, live chat, and limited messenger integration features. Hubspot's emails also feature mobile optimization.

Hubspot allows users to add pop-up, embedded, and collected forms to any web page tracked in the Hubspot account. Users will also have access to reporting dashboards.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Email Marketing Services:

  1. Find a service that seamlessly integrates with your CRM platform for managing your content and customer data.
  2. As more and more people are reading their emails on their mobile devices, opting for a service that features mobile-optimized templates would be highly beneficial.
  3. Test out available services to find one that offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface so that your employees can spend more time on your marketing campaign and less time on working application features.

Best Free Email Marketing Services:





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Free for up to 2,000 emails/mo.

Our top-ranked CRM software with a great Marketing Hub platform. Some features are limited on the free plan and paid plans can be expensive.

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Free for up to 300 emails and unlimited contacts /day.

Features great design templates but there is no option to create double opt-in email newsletters.

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Free and paid options.

Free plan offers 10,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers each month. Lacks interactive surveys in emails.

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Zoho Campaigns

Free for up to 12,000 emails and 2,000 contacts /mo.

Great integrations with third-party apps but needs a lot of customization during set-up.

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Free for up to 15,000 emails and 500 subscribers/mo.

Features ready-made templates and great support options but there is no multi-threaded push notification.

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Free for up to 12,000 emails and 1,000 contacts /mo.

Easy to use with interactive surveys in emails but no options for affiliate links.

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Best Free Email Marketing Software

What is the best free email marketing service?

How can I do email marketing for free?

There are multiple free email marketing services you can use to create professional and effective email campaigns.

What is the best free newsletter software?

Does free email marketing have any disadvantages?

Free email marketing software can save your business a lot of money, but most free plans only allow for a limited number of subscribers. For example, MailChimp's free plan limits you to 2,000 subscribers.

What is free email blast software?

Email blast software is just another name for email marketing software. Some people refer to it as email "blast" software because it allows you to send out one email to a large number of recipients all at once.

Can I still be effective with a free email campaign?

Even if you use free email marketing tools, your campaigns can still be very effective. If your campaign is well-designed and executed, connecting with your customers or future prospects is never a bad thing, particularly if you are new to email marketing.

Which email marketing solutions offer a free trial?