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Discover the best free email finder tools that you can used to locate someone's email address. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on December 28th, 2022

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A free email finder can be used to locate email addresses for business people that you would like to contact. Free email finders comb through company websites and social profiles to locate the email address that you need.

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Why We Chose Findthat:

Findthat is suitable for businesses of all sizes and offers a free version as well as reasonably priced paid plans. Findthat offers both email finding and email verification.

Findthat is a reliable tool that is easy to use and offers great customer support. It is continuously being updated and improved. Findthat has also received positive customer reviews.

If your business needs more features than email finding and verification, consider upgrading to Findthat's paid plans for bulk finds, social media support, and integrations with popular apps. You can find more paid options in our article on email finders

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Email Finder Software:

  1. Most free tools will not be completely free, or will otherwise be limited in features. If a free version does not meet your needs, consider upgrading to a paid version.
  2. Evaluate the different platforms the software uses to find email addresses and check their accuracy rating as well as their verification process.
  3. Some platforms can also be used to find contact numbers if you need more than just an email address.

Best Free Email Finder Software:





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Free - 50 "Find" credits.

Features good customer support and continuous updates but offers limited bulk features.

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Free up to 100 requests per month.

Fast, easy to use, and feature rich. Does not offer a 2-in-1 email finding and verification service.

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Free up to 50 email addresses per month.

Easy to set up with useful features. It works well with LinkedIn but the filter tool needs improvement.

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Free up to 150 credits per month.

Offers comprehensive features and a great email searching tool but there are no lead distributing or activity tracking features.

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Clearbit Connect

Free - unlimited.

Easy to navigate with readily accessible information and a good support team. Does not feature multi-user capabilities.

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Free - unlimited.

Easy to use but some plans offer limited usage.

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Free - unlimited.

Intuitive interface with great tracking and reporting capabilities but the discovery feature is inaccurate when loading large lists.

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Free up to 100 email addresses.

Features excellent lead generation but can only deliver an email address if a weblink is present in the LinkedIn profile.

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How do I find an email address for someone for free?

Using any of the software listed above, users can search for email addresses by entering the full name of an individual.

How do I find a company email address?

Most companies provide their email address in the 'Contact Us' section of their website. If no email address is provided, this information could be sourced from social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. LeadLeaper was created to find email addresses from LinkedIn.

Are free email finders unlimited?

Some free email finding tools allow for unlimited use, while others limit their free plans to a certain number of searches per month.

Is there a free email finder for LinkedIn?

LeadLeaper was created specifically for finding email addresses through LinkedIn. You can use LeadLeaper while you are signed into your LinkedIn account to find email addresses that correspond to the profile(s) you are viewing.

Free Email Finders

What are some Free Email Finders?