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Learn more about Listing 2 Leasing's tenant screening services. Includes information on Listing 2 Leasing, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 11th, 2020

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Listing 2 Leasing is a tenant screening service that offers a secure platform for FCRA compliant tenant screening, free e-signing services for rentals and purchases, and document storage. Listing 2 Leasing's tenant screening services include credit, criminal background, and eviction checks.









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Listing 2 Leasing

Pros: Features an intuitive platform with accurate and detailed reports.

Cons: Only offers one pricing option for agents and landlords. No mobile app.

Bottomline: Listing 2 Leasing is a fantastic, easy-to-use platform with great customer service.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Listing 2 Leasing LLC


Justin Kling

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2014


200 W Ohio St, Fl 2nd, Chicago, Illinois 60654

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (312) 883-5258



What is Listing 2 Leasing's price range?

It is free to create an account with Listing 2 Leasing, but they do charge a $39.99 fee to use their tenant screening products.

Customer Reviews:

Richie Marrero

Reviewed: Oct 02, 2016

Source: Facebook

If you're a landlord or a leasing broker that has a rental listing, try Listing 2 Leasing, a free landlord and broker portal to successfully do rental applications w/ credit+background checks. All digital. Also has a completely free eSign feature. Truly awesome service and even better experience.

Pete Horvath

Reviewed: Jan 10, 2019

Source: Facebook

I'm a HUGE fan of Listing 2 Leasing!!! As a landlord, this site has worked wonders for my rental applicants and background checks. Look no further if you're a property owner and want to lessen the headache of getting the right tenants into your units!

Charles Webb

Reviewed: Jul 23, 2016

Source: Facebook

I was a bit hesitant as it has just launched and sometimes it takes a while to work out the bugs and get real traction on both sides But i went for it and am super happy I did- The best part was it is super efficient and that is important for me with limited time to play around. Maybe make the font bigger!? Thanks!

Woytek Niemiec

Reviewed: Apr 07, 2018

Source: Facebook

This platform makes my life easier. I can only say too bad that I did not get it earlier. Easy to use and great costumer service. Go get it now!

Jason Erxleben

Reviewed: Sep 28, 2016

Source: Facebook

Takes that stress off of the every-day little things. Great application!