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Updated on January 14th, 2020

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SalesVu is a POS system that can be used in restaurants, cafes, and retail locations to accept multiple forms of payment at the point of sale.

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Square Point of Sale

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Automatically tracks customer purchases.

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SalesVu Reviews

Pros: Free mobile app. Email integration.

Cons: Can't add new customers through the app.

Bottomline: SalesVu is a budget-friendly POS system that can be used in retail stores of any size.

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Pascal Nicolas




Austin, Texas

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Pascal Nicolas


3925 W Braker Lane, Austin, TX 78759

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+1 888-900-5819



What is SalesVu?

SalesVu is a POS system for restaurants, cafes, and retail locations that accepts multiple forms of payment.

What is the price range for SalesVu software?

SalesVu POS software ranges in price from $0.00 to $150.00 per month per location.

Is there a SalesVu free trial?

Yes. Access your 15-day free SalesVu trial via their website.

How do I contact a member of the SalesVu support team?

SalesVu has a variety of support options if you have questions or need help with your POS software.

What are some SalesVu alternatives?

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Jun 13, 2013

Source: Reddit

I use SalesVu POS in our small retail/resale business. Like it well enough, but the knowledgebase is atrociously poor when trying to use features like inventory, purchase orders, gift cards, etc.


Reviewed: Apr 27, 2016

Source: Reddit

We've used salesvu and the interface wasn't great but they would sync AND have the ability to swipe a card then give it back to the customer as opposed to holding on to the card for tabs. But they don't have the option for taking the new chips I believe.