Pamela for Skype Pricing, Key Info, and FAQs

Learn about Pamela for Skype's audio and video recording software for small businesses. Includes info on Pamela for Skype, free trials, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on June 4th, 2019

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Pamela for Skype is Skype audio and video recording software for small businesses. Features include conference call manager, call scheduler, and answering machine. Businesses use Pamela for Skype to control and customize their Skype.

Pamela for Skype Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Pricing



Pamela Call Recorder


Pamela Professional Edition


Pamela Business Edition


## Pamela for Skype Summary

Pros: Good at multitasking, simple and easy to use, and clean interface that is well designed.

Cons: Business Edition is expensive.

Bottomline: An excellent app with incredible features that makes recording both video and audio simple. Try the Basic edition before buying the more expensive editions.

Pamela for Skype News & Activity:

There is no recent Pamela for Skype news and activity to report at this time.

Pamela for Skype Key Information:




Dick Schiferli




Unterschleißheim, Germany


Dick Schiferli



Carl-von-Linde Str. 40, 85716, Unterschleißheim, Germany


Pamela for Skype FAQs:

What is Pamela for Skype's price range?

Pamela for Skype's plans range from $00.00 to $44.54 per month.

Is there a Pamela for Skype free trial?

Pamela for Skype offers two free versions, and 30-day trials on their Professional and Business versions.

Where can I find the Pamela for Skype login?

Pamela for Skype does not have "login" facilities on the website at this time.

What are some Pamela for Skype alternatives?

Pamela for Skype Reviews:



DocStout -

We used Pamela with Skype for over a year, but when they stopped officially supporting Pamela, it got unstable and inconsistent. The plugin to play pre-recorded sounds would forget the saved files and directories, or just fail to load entirely, which made it impossible to play listener voicemails, bumpers for segments, sound effects... Worst was that sometimes, it'd just not record. We do a 90 minute show, so our raw audio is about 3 hours. Pamela is responsible for us having to re-record half a show that just didn't save. Trying to repeat over an hour of content when you think you are done for the night is awful.

IronBoomer -

Pamela hasn’t caught up with the new Windows 10 redesign of Skype, so until it does, it’s less viable


Skype + Pamela voice recorder works pretty darn well for us

James John Lenaghan

Beware. If anything goes wrong. I bought Pamela Business Edition. It doesn't record anything. I contacted Customer Support who certainly don't respond in 72 hours. In fact, they don't respond at all. I've just contacted Customer Support again.

Scott Voak

Pretty disappointed in this company. Software wasn't recognizing Skype and I filed a support ticket a week ago - their support tickets say they will respond in 72 hours??? which means we're looking at a 1 man shop that doesn't care. Turns out the answer was easy - "our software is broken. We don't have the expertise to connect to new Skype, so you need to use old Skype not new Skype" - I had to come to FB to find out. Not even the decency to spend 30 seconds and give me the fix themselves. I have not run across a company in a long time that cares less for their product or customers.