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Updated on July 18th, 2019

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LiveChat is a live chat communications platform for businesses. Your customer support team can use LiveChat to communicate with customers through chat windows that can be accessed on your company website. LiveChat is available in desktop and mobile applications for quick access.

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LiveChat Reviews

Pros: LiveChat offers phone support and video tutorials.

Cons: Does not have content filtering and SMS integration.

Bottomline: Reliable live chat platform that enables you to communicate with your customers through your company website.

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Mariusz Cieply, Maciej Jarzebowski, Jakub Sitarz




Boston, MA

Number of Employees



Mariusz Cieply


1 International Pl, STE 1400. Boston, MA 02110-2619, United States

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+1 617-275-2400





Grant Thomas -

At my current place we've used LiveChat Inc. on numerous websites and has now become the go-to product for integrating live chat. It's extremely easy to integrate (just a block of Javascript) and very user-friendly, it's an external hosted (on their servers) solution with both web-UI access and apps for pretty much all devices (the one for Windows Desktop being much like MSN, so familiar to many general users). I'm not affiliated with this company or product in any way, just an enthusiast of a good product, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

allenthird -

We use LiveChatInc for my company and like it a lot. I've tested LivePerson, Olark, Zopim, and a few others..... we always came back to LiveChatInc for various reasons. If I remember right, I got rid of Olark and Zopim because they wouldn't let me remove their branding. LivePerson was an enterprise solution and made no sense for us. Side note: One time, I used our live chat app from my iPhone to close a $2,000 sale from In-n-Out I could have otherwise lost!

acamso -

Ive only use this one and it worked very well -

BryanB55 -

Olark has done a great job but I must say livechatinc wins my vote because you can see what people are typing before they hit "send" - its a big help in responding faster to questions.

palmeida -

At we use Live Chat Good piece of software and we also take advantage of their ticket system


How much does LiveChat cost?

LiveChat's monthly plans range from $16.00 to $149.00 per seat.

Is there a LiveChat free version for small businesses?

LiveChat's monthly plans are only available in paid options. However, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to test out the software.

Can I integrate my LiveChat software with MailChimp?

If you already have a MailChimp account, you can download the MailChimp LiveChat integration. With this integration, customers can subscribe to your email list through the chat window on your website.