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Learn more about Intercom live chat software for your business. Includes info on Intercom, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on January 15th, 2020

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Intercom is a business communications platform with a live chat solution that companies can use to communicate internally and with their customers. With Intercom live chat, instant messaging from your desktop or smartphone is fast and easy.

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Intercom Reviews

Pros: Uses intelligent bots to automatically book more demos, upsell to trial users, and answer FAQs.

Cons: Unlike some competitors, Intercom does not offer landing pages or web forms.

Bottomline: Business communications platform with live chat feature to improve communication with your customers.

Key Information:


Eoghan McCabe, Des Traynor, Ciaran Lee, and David Barrett



Number of Employees


Number of Users



San Francisco, CA


Eoghan McCabe


55 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone Number

+1 877-595-5175



How much does Intercom cost?

Intercom's monthly plans range in price from $38.00 to $153.00.

What is Intercom used for?

Intercom is a business communications platform with a live chat solution that companies use to communicate internally and with their customers.

Where is Intercom based?

Intercom is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

How do I cancel my Intercom subscription?

Go to website and log in. Go to your billing settings, and cancel your subscription.

How do I delete my Intercom account?

Go to Intercom's "Settings" page, scroll to the bottom, click on the "Delete this app" button, and confirm.

How do I download the Intercom app?

The Intercom app is available for download in Google Play or the App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, you can sign in to your Intercom account and start messaging co-workers or customers.

Is there a way to integrate Intercom with my Salesforce account?

Yes, there is a two-way Intercom Salesforce integration that you can use to share all of your data between the two platforms. With this integration, Salesforce can gather data from Intercom live chat sessions and automatically create tasks.

Does Intercom have a tool for creating a knowledge base?

Intercom's knowledge base solution is called Intercom Educate. With Intercom Educate, you can build a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate knowledge base for your customers. You can make your knowledge base accessible through Intercom chat sessions and through your website.

Intercom Vs Zendesk

What is the difference between Intercom and Zendesk?

One of Intercom's most significant live chat competitors is Zendesk Chat. Although Zendesk Chat offers more integrations, Intercom is a more affordable option for small businesses and is still very capable of facilitating live chats for multiple users.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Apr 12, 2018

Source: Reddit

Intercom is pretty but with extremely limited functionality and overpriced. You basically have a live chat, but reporting is terrible and once you grow a little you find that past data went to waste. Also, for a support chat company their support is very sluggish and unfocused. Their success is justified through their focus but will not work for everyone, and will soon be taken over by copycats such as Freshchat.


Reviewed: Apr 13, 2018

Source: Reddit

I used to use intercom and recommend it, but I agree it has stagnated a little and grown more complex (in my opinion) in it's pricing model. I'm glad to see other competitors springing up. But all kudos to intercom, they have revolutionized this aspect of the customer support space.


Reviewed: May 14, 2016

Source: Reddit

Just suck it up and pay for Intercom. It's expensive but it's worth it.

Jaclyn Klein

Reviewed: May 10, 2018

Source: Twitter

Just want to acknowledge how much intercom is crushing it. This auto personalized email campaign is so well done I am straight up moved. Consistently impressed by them.