Money Manager Ex Reviews

Learn about Money Manager Ex accounting software for small businesses. Includes features, customer reviews, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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Money Manager Ex is a free accounting software platform for small businesses. The open-source software solution allows business owners to easily manage their finances and make cash flow projections.


Money Manager Ex is an open-source, free to use platform. It does not offer any premium tiers.

Money Manager Ex

Pros: Free, open-source, easy to use, auto-categories, multiple currencies, good reporting.

Cons: Does not link to bank accounts.

Bottomline: A secure and easy to use accounting platform that enables small businesses to manage their budget and finances effectively.

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PT_Fort -

I've been using MoneyManagerEx (edit: which is open-source) to track my income and my expenses. I like it because it doesn't auto-connect to my bank accounts. Instead, I add .csv files from my bank, and then (with some training) it can auto-categorize my expenses.

raesene9 -

Money Manager EX is what I use. Free Cross-platform, works fine for what I need it for.

Cash&PLover -

I like Money Manager Ex. It's free, open source, multi platform, portable and cloud compatible. I use it since about two years. It's very easy to use but at the same time it is very capable. You can use multiple currencies at once, keep track of your stock portfolio etc pp. You have a great overview over your assets and can always display various reports (where the money comes from, where it goes, your usage depending on categories etc).

Tippete -

MoneyWiz, it's paid but it's worth the money, I used gnucash and MoneyManagerEX and they were buggy, so not the best experience.

Heretorekit -

Ynab is good and all but its 60 bucks a year and I don't like that I have to budget for budgeting. Give Money Manager ex a try. It is open source, completely free, has both a desktop app and an android app, you can sync using drop box/google drive, it ticks all your criteria and its pretty easy to setup.


What are the main features of the Money Manager Ex platform?

Money Manager Ex is a simple to use, fast, and intuitive accounting platform. It allows you to process checking and credit card transactions, set reminders for recurring bills and deposits, manage stock investments, as well as budget and cash flow forecasting. In addition, it enables one-click reports and allows you to import data from any CSV format or QIF. It is available in 24 languages.

Does Money Manager Ex have customer support?

Yes, Money Manager Ex has an online forum offering support for both desktop and mobile users.

What are some Money Manager Ex alternatives?