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Updated on December 12th, 2019

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TimeStation is a time and attendance software that offers cloud-based attendance management, Fast-Scan Technology and advanced reporting tools, among other features.


Number of Employees


Up to 10

$0.00 per month.

Up to 20

$19.95 per month.

Up to 50

$29.95 per month.

Up to 100

$39.95 per month.

Up to 200

$59.95 per month.

TimeStation Reviews

Pros: Very easy to use. Makes calculating hours fast.

Cons: Limited report customization. Software bugs.

Bottomline: TimeStation is a functional scheduling and time tracking platform, but it is not without glitches that may hamper your experience.

Key Information:


Younes Oughla




Fort Lee, NJ


Younes Oughla


1 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 275, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, United States




What is TimeStation?

TimeStation is a time and attendance cloud-based app that can run on smartphones and tablets. Employees can clock in and out on TimeStation quickly and efficiently.

What is TimeStation's price range?

TimeStation's pricing ranges between $0.00 to $59.95 per month.

Is there a TimeStation free trial?

Yes, TimeStation offers a fully-featured 30-day free trial.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Mar 24, 2015

Source: Reddit

We use mytimestation.com and like it pretty well for our small business.


Reviewed: Apr 27, 2016

Source: Reddit

We've used https://www.mytimestation.com. Free and pretty good


Reviewed: Jun 21, 2015

Source: Reddit

I use MyTimeStation.com, it's free, all my employees get a clock-in card (or code, whichever they prefer), and it exports reports that I can pull right into my accounting software.


Reviewed: Mar 02, 2017

Source: Reddit

Been using time station and works really well and very affordable. https://www.mytimestation.com/


Reviewed: Mar 02, 2017

Source: Reddit

I second Time Station. Helped integrate it into the last small business I helped run the office for and it make employee time punching a breeze for both employees and the admin keeping track of hours.While you can use a badge as intended, they are also assigned a PIN to help clock in in case they forget their badge at home. Easy to use with good prices I've found.