Best Free Project Management Software for Small Businesses

List of the best free project management software tools, with info about their free offers and answers to common questions about free project management tools.

Updated on February 14th, 2022

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Free project management software is a tool small businesses use to plan and organize projects, keep track of deadlines, budgets, and schedules, and improve communication.

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Why We Chose Freedcamp:

Freedcamp offers scalable features, allowing your business to choose a plan that best suits your needs without losing data. The software is user-friendly with great customer support.

The software is suitable for both internal and client projects, with robust features.

Things to Consider When Choosing Free Project Management Software:

  1. Free plans for software can have limited features compared to paid plans, so ensure that a free plan will meet your needs adequately.
  2. Ensure that your PC or device can handle more robust software without lagging, as some devices fall short of the minimum system requirements.
  3. Consider software with scalable features, as your needs may change over time and moving to another company may result in lost data.

Best Free Project Management Software:





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Unlimited users/projects.

User-friendly with robust, scalable features.

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Unlimited users/projects.

Allows for team collaboration and offers drag and drop functions.

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Up to 25 users.

Great UI with customizable options.

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Up to 15 users.

Integrates with over 100 apps and has excellent reporting features.

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Teamwork Projects

Up to 5 users.

Great reporting tools with excellent integration capabilities.

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Apptivo Projects

Up to 3 users.

Offers scalable features with a wide range of services.

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Up to 5 users.

Intuitive and robust software with great workflow tools.

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Up to 3 users.

A robust solution, but some features can be difficult to use.

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What is the best free Gantt chart software?

Does Google have project management software?

No, Google does not offer project management software. However, many project management software can integrate with Google including Wrike.

What is the best open source project management software?

We recommend Asana and Wrike. These comprehensive project management software are easy to use and offer a range of powerful project management tools.

Are some project management software offers really free?

Yes, there is truly free online project management software. Many of it has a limit on the number of users or projects you can have, but some don't even these limits. For these free project management tools, you can choose to pay for additional features.

Is there free project management software for Macs?

You can find project management software Mac free in the form of free web-based project management software. Freedcamp, Trello, Asana, and others will work fine on most web browsers, regardless of your operating system or computer.

Free Construction Project Management Software

What are some free construction project management software options?

Are there free project management software downloads?

Is there a Microsoft project management software free download?

Not a legitimate version. Unless you don't mind installing malware on your computer, you should only get Microsoft products directly from Microsoft.

What is the best free agile project management software?