10 Best Case Management Software Solutions

Legal practices and human services departments all use case management software to streamline their records. Read more about the best case management systems.

Updated on June 19th, 2019

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Case management software is computer software that holds client information in digital files so that everything can be quickly accessed using a name or reference number. This technology is common in legal firms and human resources departments.

Best Case Management Software:

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$55.00 /mo.



$39.00 /mo.



$139.00 /mo.


PracticePanther Legal

$49.00 /mo.



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$100.00 /mo.



$39.00 /mo.


Legal Files

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$39.00 /mo.



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What is case management software?

Case management software is computer software that holds client information in digital files so that everything can be quickly accessed by using a name or reference number.

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Legal Case Management

Legal case management is the process of managing all of the information associated with a client's case. This used to be done exclusively with paper files, but attorney case management software is quickly becoming an industry standard.

What software do law firms use?

What is the price range for case management software?

Case management software can cost anywhere from $39.00 to $150.00 per agent per month, depending on what capabilities your business requires.

Also, see our full list with prices.

There may be a limit to the number of users you can add, depending on which case management legal software you choose. Most platforms charge per user, so your fee increases if you add additional users.

Free Case Management Software

Is there any free case management software available online?

Is there analytics in law case management software?

Many legal software systems come loaded with analytical tools, but CoyoteAnalytics is a good example of a law firm case management system that goes above and beyond with analytics. With Coyote you can generate 100 different types of standard reports, as well as an almost infinite number of customized reports to help you analyze your business.

Is open source case management software secure?

Open source software still comes with several layers of security, making it just as secure as more conventional software formats. Everything is password and firewall protected, and the administrator can manage or restrict users.

Is there personal injury law firm case management software?

Personal injury case management software does exist for firms that specialize in personal injury. A more general case management software legal program may work, but personal injury cases often include insurance claims and medical records, so the files that are generated tend to be more complex. PracticePanther Legal is known as a leader among personal injury firms.

Is there such a thing as substance abuse case management software?

There is a case management system called MyCaseRecords that has applications for substance abuse cases. More generally speaking, there are platforms that can be used as non-profit case management software and social work case management software.

Is there any good case management software for human services?

Platforms like FAMCare and Penelope were designed specifically for use in the human service industry. Unlike law firm case management software, these programs include features like client background profiles and client engagement tools.

Has anyone developed private investigator case management software?

Yes, there is case management software specifically for private investigators, as private investigating is big business. Several options have been developed, with one of the leaders being a program called CaseJacket. CaseJacket is available in a free version as well.

What is the best free case management software for lawyers?

That really depends on what kind of firm you have and what features you're looking for. Jarvis Legal is a reputable free legal case management software solution that you may want to look into.