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Updated on January 25th, 2023

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A password manager is a program that securely stores all of your personal and password information on a computer or online account. Also known as password keepers or password vaults, free password managers are easy to use and include features such as encrypted passwords, autofill, and multi-factor authentication.

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Why We Chose Abine Blur:

Abine Blur is a highly recommended password manager that offers a wide range of useful features. It provides payment protection, spam blocking, web browsing that is invisible to advertisers, and privacy from cybercriminals, among many others.

Abine Blur is lauded for its advanced data security features. When the company experienced a security breach in January 2019, it said that no sensitive information like credit card details, emails, or passwords had been leaked.

Additionally, Abine Blur is able to import passwords from other password managers, including Dashlane, AgileBits, and 1Password.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Password Manager Software:

  1. Ensure that the password manager has third-party protection.
  2. Ensure that the manager offers end-to-end encryption so that only you can see it and not your service provider.
  3. As with any free software, you need to determine your unique business needs and determine whether it caters to all those needs. If not, you might have to upgrade to a paid account.

Best Free Password Managers:





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Abine Blur


A highly recommended password manager with a host of advanced security features, including privacy from advertisers.

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Free and paid options.

A secure password manager that also acts as a digital wallet, although the free plan does not support multi-device syncing.

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An excellent open-source option. Offers advanced security features but comes with a steep learning curve.

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Sticky Password

Free and paid options.

Offers military-grade encryption and is very user-friendly.

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True Key

Free and paid options.

An excellent option that offers bio-metric security in addition to traditional login options. Steep learning curve.

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Zoho Vault

Free and paid options.

Offers excellent security features including an automatic password generator.

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Free and paid options.

An excellent password manager that offers both cloud and self-hosting options.

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Free and paid options.

A comprehensive password manager that offers plenty of customization options.

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Is there a free password manager?

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What is the best free password manager?

Why do I need a password manager?

Having a password manager, especially if you own a business, is important in order to protect your personal details and sensitive information that may be valuable to hackers.

You don't ever want your data to be stolen so a password manager will prevent this from happening and ensure that your information remains protected at all times.

Should I consider a paid password manager for business use?

While a free password manager provides basic security through encryption, your business may require more advanced security such as device syncing and backup, and the ability to mask your credit cards when you make online purchases.

If this sounds worthwhile, check out our article on the best paid password managers.

Is it safe to use a free cloud-based password security manager?

Cloud-based password managers use security protocols that encrypt your passwords so that only you can retrieve your information. Password managers are for the most part impenetrable, but there have been a few cases where password vaults have been hacked and sensitive customer data leaked.

However, using a free password manager is still better than keeping your login details in a notebook that could get lost or stolen. As an extra security measure, many password managers have added two-step verification and security alerts to ensure that your data remains safe.

Free Password Manager Software

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Free Password Manager Software

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Free Password Manager Software

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