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Updated on February 27th, 2019

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True Key by McAfee is password management software that uses biometrics to allow you to log in with your face or finger, and syncs passwords across Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. True Key protects your passwords by scrambling them with AES-256, a powerful encryption algorithm.

True Key Pricing:

Plan Name





$19.99 per year

True Key Reviews
True Key Review:

Pros: Uses facial or fingerprint recognition, or a second device to log in—eliminating the possibility of forgetting your master password.

Cons: Too advanced for many users.

Bottomline: True Key enhances the safety and security of you business's online activities, besides saving you time.

True Key Key Information:


John McAfee




Santa Clara, California


Chris Young

Number of Employees

6,500 plus


1 (888) 847-8766


2821 Mission College Boulevard, Santa Clara, California


True Key FAQs:

What is True Key's price range?

True Key's Premium plan costs $19.99 per year. They offer a free version as well, which allows you to store 15 passwords or logins.

Is there a True Key free trial?

True Key has a free version that allows you to store 15 passwords or logins.

Where can I find the True Key login?

True Key does not provide a login option on their website.

What are some True Key alternatives?

True Key News & Activity:


News or Activity

January 29, 2019

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January 25, 2019

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January 7, 2019

­McAfee Continues to Expand Beyond Traditional Antivirus With New McAfee Gamer Security

January 7, 2019

McAfee And Dell Team up to Protect Consumers From Growing Cyber Threats

January 6, 2019

McAfee and Verizon Team up to Secure Connected Devices

True Key Reviews:



wooggd -

Actually, I have used True Key for over a year now (since 11/2006) and it is NOT dangerous. It manages 180 logins and counting for me. It took me a while to understand how an app with such a simple interface could be secure enough to trust with all my logins. Once you get the feel of the app, you will see too that it IS very safe and secure. I recommend True Key to everyone. For those who won't even give it a try, I assure you the True Key website support section has the precise directions for its removal. They also have a first class support team if you hit a snag. Seriously, give True Key a chance and you'll find you can't live without it.

Bluetorric -

Yep I use True Key, and it works a treat, also if your with BT broadband its totally free.

DMC102 -

I also use True Key free Premium version courtesy of BT Broadband as above. Works pretty well and syncs everything across all your devices, although it seems a bit flaky on Android (hoping an update will address this soon), and some websites do catch it out. But overall I'm pretty happy with it. I also like Dashlane, but ditched it after the premium free trial period ended, as the vanilla version doesn't sync across multiple devices.

YipJK -

I've been using True Key as my password manager for a while. I got grandfathered into True Key when Intel bought it over. It's a good password manager. I haven't had any problems with it so far, and their autofill ability is accurate even for obscure websites. I don't doubt its security because McAfee is behind it after all. However, compared to others on the market now, namely Lastpass and Dashlane, its iOS app is slow, and I believe it's still running on older frameworks. Moreover, the competitors are more active in their development and security.True Key is in some ways the oldest password manager, dating back to before the buy over when it was called Password Box (I believe). But at least in my opinion, I don't think it has that flair that it once had over its competition.