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Learn about LastPass password management software for businesses of all sizes. Includes info on LastPass, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 25th, 2019

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LastPass is a comprehensive password management software designed for businesses of all sizes. With a host of innovative features, LastPass offers users the customization and flexibility they need to solve any password issues. Features include advanced security solutions, Active Directory sync, and customization tools.

LastPass Pricing:

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LastPass Review:

Pros: Fairly easy to use software equipped with comprehensive features. Can operate once offline.

Cons: Default settings need improvement. The UI is not intuitive.

Bottomline: Easy to use and feature-packed. Suitable for offline use. However, the UI needs improvement.

LastPass Key Information:


Michael K. Simon




Boston, United States


William Wagner

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1 (781) 897-0694


320 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210


LastPass FAQs:

What is LastPass's price range?

Based on the number of users you have, Last Pass plans range from $2.00 to $6.00 per month.

Is there a LastPass free trial?

No, LastPass does not offer a free trial. However, users can sign up for free. To create your free account, go to and click 'Get LastPass Free' in the top right corner of the homepage.

What are some Last Pass alternatives?

Where can I find the LastPass login?

Go to and click "Log In" in the top right corner of the homepage menu.

LastPass News & Activity:


News or Activity

January 14, 2019

LastPass Launches STEM Scholarship Program to Build Next Generation of Tech Leaders.

December 19, 2018

LastPass sees 50% increase in usage thanks to iOS 12 password autofill feature.

November 20, 2018

LastPass Knocked Offline, Freezing Out Password Users.

Reviews of LastPass:



Rahul Chatterjee -

Yes it is absolutely safe till your master password is highly complicated and of more than 12 characters because passwords managed by LastPass are so heavily encrypted, the company insists that no passwords were stolen. Even if hackers manage to steal data from the server of a service like LastPass or DashLane, experts agree that your passwords are still quite safe, buried under many, many layers of encryption.

Jerry Lucas -

I am confident in LastPass and have used it for many years.

Brenda Johima -

So I have never been hacked before. I used to teach clients how to create long, complex, secure passwords. Then I moved from iPad fashioned paper and pen to #LastPass and I get hacked. I would avoid this service.