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Learn about Passbolt password management software for businesses. Includes info on Passbolt, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 27th, 2019

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Passbolt is a password management software created for businesses of all sizes. Passbolt offers a self-hosted or cloud-based option, both designed to help teams securely share and store credentials. Key features include group management, audit logs, and admin panel.

Passbolt Self-Hosted Pricing:

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Passbolt Cloud-Based Pricing:

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Passbolt Reviews
Passbolt Review:

Pros: The software is secure and easy to use. Users can share information with one another in a safe location.

Cons: The initial installation process can be complicated at first. Some features are still being improved.

Bottomline: Great software that allows users to safely and easily secure password details.

Passbolt Key Information:


Kevin Muller, Cédric Alfonsi




Luxembourg, Belgium


Kevin Muller



Passbolt FAQs:

What is Passbolt's price range?

Passbolt plans range from $19.00 to $149.00 per month. If you want an Enterprise plan, you can contact Passbolt to get a quote.

Is there a Passbolt free trial?

No, Passbolt does not offer a free trial. However, the company does offer a free Community plan for unlimited users. To access the free plan, go to and click 'Get Passbolt' in the main homepage banner.

What are some Passbolt alternatives?

Where can I find the Passbolt login?

Passbolt does not have a login option.

Passbolt News & Activity:


News or Activity

April 28, 2018

Passbolt Launches Commercially

Reviews of Passbolt:



angrysysadmin -

Passbolt your software greatly pleases me. Very nice. Keep up the great work!

Brantley R. M -

Great program, took a good bit of work learning how to use Linux and installing the software, but well worth it after getting a server up and running for my organization. Can’t wait for the new features on the roadmap in the future!

Woodgie‏ -

I’m in the process of testing it. It’s good and should get better. I’ve found it stable but still a bit feature thin.

wspthr -

Still under development, but it has a very good approach. Used it for the last 4 months and still happy.

It is an open source solution that not only has an appealing user interface but also manages to include all the important features that commercial password managers have.