Sticky Password Reviews

Learn about Sticky Password, an easy-to-use password management software for small businesses. Includes info on Sticky Password, free trials, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on July 3rd, 2019

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Sticky Password is a form-filler and password management software created for all devices. Equipped with military-grade encryption, the software allows users to automatically log in to sites or fill in any form without losing a password. Sticky Password is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


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Sticky Password Reviews

Pros: Easy-to-use, secure, syncs across devices.

Cons: Does not support Linux.

Bottomline: A simple and secure password manager that protects all your passwords and syncs across devices.

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Petr Bílek


Rostislavovo nám. 2936/12, 612 00 Brno, Czechia

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MikeSelt -

I have switched to Sticky Password from Lastpass recently and they look pretty great. Plus they have a 50% discount going on right now for both 1 year and Lifetime license.

Trapper852 -

I finally switched to Sticky Password, and now realize I should have done this a year ago. Sticky Password is wonderful, it's secure, works perfectly, and has the capability to import your existing database from LastPass, Roboform, etc. very easily. Most importantly... STICKY PASSWORD OFFICIALLY SUPPORTS PALE MOON (x86). It's like a breath of fresh air (for me), not stressing anymore trying to maintain a broken, insecure pile of crap.

Rodney74 -

Tried last pass, and dashlane, then I tried Sticky Password (It's free). OMG what a pleasure to use such a nice Password Manager, and auto form filler. Lastpass was the most difficult, for example saving and deleting passwords. Dashlane was easy, but filled some forms incorrectly. Sticky, was the best of all...Very nice especially for free, paid product available in order to sync devices.


What is Sticky Password?

Sticky Password is password management software for all devices, that allows users to automatically log in to sites or fill in any form without losing a password.

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Is Sticky Password any good?

Sticky Password is equipped with military-grade encryption, syncs across many devices, and is easy to use.

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How do you put a sticky password on Iphone?

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Tap "Share".
  3. Search for "More" in the icons at the bottom.
  4. Tap "More".
  5. Enable Sticky Password.
  6. Tap "Done".

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How do you put a sticky password on Android?

  1. Download the Sticky Password app from Google Play.
  2. Tap the Sticky Password icon.
  3. Tap "Next".
  4. Tap "Continue".
  5. Connect to your Sticky Password account.
  6. Create a new account.
  7. Enter your email address.
  8. Create your Master Password.
  9. Confirm the password and tap "Continue".
  10. Select a sync option.
  11. Tap "Start".

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Does Sticky Password work with Edge?

No, Sticky Password doesn't support Edge.

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What is Sticky Password's price range?

Sticky Password offers one plan of $29.99 per year. However, if you're interested in a lifetime license, Sticky Password offers one price of $149.99.

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Is there a Sticky Password free trial?

No, Sticky Password does not offer a free trial. However, they do offer a free plan. To access the free plan, go to and click "Download - it's Free" in the top right corner of the main menu.

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